Denise Austin Reveals How She Outsmarted the Hormonal Glitch That Packs on Fat After 40

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In FIRST for Women's biggest issue ever, fitness guru Denise Austin shares how keeping her body guessing has helped her outsmart the hormonal glitch that packs on fat after 40.

Nearly 40 years after bursting onto the fitness scene as the cheerfully cartwheeling cohost on The Jack LaLanne Show, Austin is as slim, radiant, and perky as she was in her 20s. But the 61-year-old fitness pro admits that hasn’t always been the case. “While I’ve dedicated myself to teaching people how to get fit, I’m not immune to weight fluctuations,” she shares with FIRST. “Like most women at this age, my once-reliable body started betraying me and fat began to accumulate around my belly and thighs.”

“My normal tricks just weren’t working anymore,” recalls Austin. “It was frustrating, and I realized I had to try something new to combat those extra pounds.”

Determined to find a solution, Austin spoke to hundreds of doctors and dieters — and hit upon a strategy that ends middle-age spread. “The secret is constantly changing up your workout so you don’t get bored,” she reveals to FIRST. “Mixing up your routine will jump-start your metabolism.”

“I’m not an exercise fanatic — with a career and kids, I can’t be,” promises fitness expert Austin. “In fact, I do only 30 minutes of official exercise a day.”

To get the benefits, Austin recommends switching between the cardio, toning, and stretching workouts detailed here throughout the week:

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