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Clean Your Garlic Press in Seconds (Even the Stuck Bits) With Cooking Spray

A little spray goes a long way.


Having a garlic press in your kitchen drawer is a dream when it comes to mincing cloves in seconds, but cleaning it can be a real hassle. All those tiny pieces of garlic stuck in the holes make it nearly impossible to clean a garlic press, but instead of using a toothpick or a sharp object to somewhat remove them, a real solution is just one spritz away.

You might only think of cooking spray when you want to sauté something without it sticking to the pan but surprisingly, it can also be used to quickly and easily clean a garlic press.

How To Use Cooking Spray To Clean a Garlic Press

It’s actually all in the preparation: When you’re ready to add some garlic to your favorite pasta dish or homemade hummus, give the garlic press a few spritzes of cooking spray until the grates are lightly coated on the inside and outside. Then place one or two cloves (peeling them is much easier than you think) into the press and your minced garlic should come out of the other end ready to go.

The cooking spray won’t affect the flavor of the garlic because it’s just oil. It acts as a slick coating so that as the garlic clove is being pressed, it doesn’t leave any small bits behind. You can use a bottle of PAM or get a spray bottle (Buy from Amazon, $14.99) and fill it with your favorite cooking oil to do the trick.

How To Clean a Garlic Press

After you’re done using it, clean-up should be a breeze because there will be no leftover bits of garlic thanks to the cooking spray. Hard to imagine, right? Then, you can just wash your tool like you normally would — but you should keep in mind the type of press you have.

If you have a garlic press made out of aluminum, avoid using the dishwasher to clean it as the dish soap from the washing cycle can cause the metal to fade over time. To make sure that your garlic press stays sparkling new, it’s recommended that you hand wash it only with warm water and then leave it to air dry rather than using a towel.

Versions like RSVP International Garlic Clove Cube Press Tool (Buy from Amazon, $17.85) have detachable parts, which makes them dishwasher-safe. Plus, this garlic press is made from BPA-free plastic and stainless steel, so it’s perfectly fine to wash with dish soap. It all comes down to which type of press you prefer to use when cooking.

Taking good care of kitchen tools means that they’ll last longer and you’ll get more uses out of them. To make sure that your trusty garlic press stays clean and looking brand new, give this hack a try!

Cooking spray can make life easier beyond the kitchen, too. If you have stubborn grime on your shower door, a few spritzes will help get rid of it quickly. Or during the winter, keep a can of cooking spray on hand for when it snows. Some light mists of oil spray on a shovel will prevent the snow from sticking to it. Your life will be made so much easier by using it around the house.

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