7 Christmas Wreaths for a Holly, Jolly Christmas

Whether you're an early Christmas decorator (FYI science says you're happier if you are!) or a last-minute deck-the-hall-er, there's no debating the importance of having a Christmas wreath in your home. Nothing says it's officially Christmas like the oh-so-familiar scent of fir or pine needles wafting through the air.

If you're going all-out this year with the Christmas decorations, a large outdoor Christmas wreath would be the cherry on top of your winter wonderland. But if you'd prefer to keep things simple, Christmas wreaths that light up can also provide the perfect festive glow indoors. There are even colorful wreaths — blue, purple, yellow, you name it! — for the rebel who wants to show off her eye for design. On a budget? No big deal! In the mood to splurge? We've totally got you covered. Crafty people can even make their own DIY Christmas wreaths.

Keep reading to find the perfect Christmas wreath for every budget and décor preference.