Start Your Day With Celery Juice for Clearer Skin and a Flatter Tummy

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Adding celery to your morning routine might be the daily health boost you’ve been looking for — and no, we aren’t talking about using the stalk to stir a Bloody Mary. Although there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the go-to brunch drink now and then, making juice from celery will give you a lot more benefits for your overall well-being. Influencers across the web have been singing the stringy vegetable’s praises more and more recently, and it’s easy to understand why.

Anthony William, author of Medical Medium and several other best-selling health guides, seems to have spurred the recent trend in sipping celery juice on a daily basis. William has made some pretty bold claims on his Instagram account, saying celery juice is “a strongly alkaline drink that helps to counteract acidosis, purify the bloodstream, aid in digestion, prevent migraines, relax the nerves, reduce blood pressure, and clear up skin problems.”

Benefits of Celery Juice

It’s not just William making such claims, however. A study published in 2015 outlines the veggie’s anti-inflammatory properties, which they explain “can be used therapeutically to treat arthritis and other inflammatory diseases.” More recent research from Critical Reviews in Biotechnology in 2018 echo the anti-inflammatory elements, adding the discovery of antibacterial benefits as well. The study also mentions celery’s ability to lower blood glucose and serum lipid levels. 

All of these perks are on top of the well-known (and researched) antioxidant characteristics found in each stalk. Clearly, there’s a lot more to this classic diet go-to snack than meets the eye. Health bloggers like Ashley Carlson specifically advise drinking celery juice in the morning to jump-start your digestion throughout the day.

How to Prepare Celery Juice

You can go with a basic mix of water and celery stalks in a blender or juicer to get your daily fix of liquified celery. That said, the idea of chugging the bitter veggie probably doesn’t appeal to most of us. Add sweeter fruits like apples to make it more palatable, or a few squeezes of lemon to cut through the celery’s bite. 

According to Carlson, it only took about three weeks of drinking 16 oz. of celery juice on a daily basis for her to see noticeable benefits in her digestion, skin, and energy levels. She even observed a dip in her cravings for salty junk food. With so many potential health advantages, it’s definitely worth giving the latest juice trend a shot!

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