People Are Praising Gap for Showing Breastfeeding Mom in New Ad

Gap Instagram

The creator of the ultimate comfy T-shirt, Gap, is receiving high praise — and it doesn't have to do with its classic cotton staple. The company uploaded an Instagram post with a photo of a mother breastfeeding her son, and though the moment wasn't planned, the post is being commended by many and is becoming a big public relations win for the company.

The advertisement, uploaded on February 20, shows two photos of model Adaora Akubilo Cobb and her son, Arinze, for the company's activewear line, GapBody. The first photo shows the baby leaning into his mother's chest, and the second photo shows her breastfeeding him. The caption reads "Love your forever favorite. Pima cotton and a secret soft wash make these sleep shirts the ones you’ll want to wear, keep, and love. Tap to shop. #LoveByGapBody"

The second photo seems to resonate with moms across the world. "What a beautiful ad! Thanks for representing breastfeeding mamas! 💙" one user commented. "This is a beautiful and groundbreaking image. I'm blown away! Well done Gap, you've done something amazing here!" another person wrote. After all the positive comments, Akubilo Cobb took to her personal Instagram page to address the attention.

She writes that she hopes to breastfeed her son for as long as she can, and that though her career as a model helps make it possible, other women aren't so lucky. "I had the unique opportunity to work with my son for @gap so I didn’t have to worry about expressing," she writes. "When I needed to nurse him, photographer @cassblackbird went with the flow capturing the beautiful moment, which made me feel empowered and loved." She goes on to write that friends of hers "have to fall short of their goals" of breastfeeding because their workplaces don't have private places or give them the proper amount of time to pump breastmilk. "These mothers who need to work and nurse need all the support and love they can get. Please learn about the workplace laws in your state and pass the information along to your friends, your sisters, co-workers, bosses, and moms who you love as a show of support." She ends the post with several hashtags, including #normalizebreastfeeding.

Just like Gap's original post, Akubilo Cobb's photo is receiving rave reviews. "THIS! I currently am nursing my 16-month-old son and we aren't stopping anytime soon. Thank you for speaking out!" one person commented. "You are truly a working mother 🙌 thank you for sharing this with the world! I breastfed my son up to 15 months until work commitments forced me to stop but had so much support from my hospital, community nurses & family ❤️ #workingmothers" another user wrote.

Feeding her child should be every mother's right, but unfortunately, some women are shamed or prevented from breastfeeding or pumping in public places or while at work. As Akubilo Cobb wrote, these women need our support and love. To find out the regulations in your state, visit the National Conference of State Legislatures website and read its "Breastfeeding Sate Laws" page.

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