Baby It’s Cold Outside: 13 Best Winter Comforters for Staying Cozy

Winter is still working its snowy, cold magic, so having the best winter comforters at the ready will keep you and your family snug no matter how cold it is outside. Not only does this save you from the chill, but you'll have a heating bill that won't make you cringe. These 13 comforters for winter will ensure that you'll only need to worry about layers when you decide to venture outside. (Are you a hot sleeper? Try one of the best comforters for summer!) 

What are the warmest fabrics for a winter comforter?

There are several types of material that will make for the warmest winter comforter. Flannel is soft to the touch, but also serves as a great insulator, keeping in warmth. Wool is also a great heat trapper – and don’t worry, not all wool is scratchy. Be wary of bamboo fabrics or cotton material that's marketed as "breathable." While these are great for summer, they're not ideal for colder temperatures. Our selections are warm but balanced with breathability, so you'll be toasty – not overheated. 

How much money should I spend on winter comforter sets?

While price doesn’t always correlate to the quality, spending a little more will pay off when you’re buying bedding. Comfortable sleeping conditions are essential for a good night's rest, so you want to make sure your comforter won’t fall apart in a week or two. Although bed comforter sets can easily be $100 or more, we don't recommend pulling the cheapest set from the shelf either. We found a compromise between price and quality below so you don’t have to sacrifice your wallet for well-made warmth! 

How do you wash a winter comforter?

Just like with washing sheets, this depends on the material that the comforter is made out of. Make sure to check the tags and as a general rule of thumb, wash in cool to warm water on a gentle cycle. That way you’re not taking any laundry-related risks! All of our selections are washing machine-friendly – yes, even the electric one – so you can keep headaches at a minimum. 

Sizing chart for comforters

King? Queen? Not too sure? Not to worry! We've banished any sizing calculation confusion with our handy standard measurements chart. Some comforters do vary, so double check before buying. 

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