Keep Your Baby Warm and Cozy With the Best Winter Car Seat Covers


You've stocked up on everything winter-related for your baby, from warm hats and mittens to the perfect coat and coziest clothes, but do you have the best winter car seat cover for your little one? Keeping the youngest members of our families safe is something that weighs constantly on every parent's mind, especially when it comes to car safety. While it's perfectly reasonable to think that bundling up your infant will shelter them from the effects of cold weather, there's an even more important reason why you should consider picking up a car seat cover this season.

So, why do you need a car seat cover for your baby?

Besides providing the appropriate amount warmth for your child during the chilliest months of the year, the biggest reason you should look into getting a car seat cover involves your child's safety in the event of a crash. When it comes to traveling in the winter with your baby, coats and car seats are not a good mix. When you leave a child's coat on while they're in a car seat, you can end up leaving the car seat's harness too loose while making up for the added cushioning. Looseness in the harness can lead to the child moving around and, in the worst scenario, being ejected from the seat altogether. By investing in a car seat cover, you can properly secure your baby while also keeping them snug and warm all winter long.

Now that you know why you should pick one up, you're probably wondering which covers are the best ones to help keep your lovebugs safe and warm this season. We've searched the web for the most affordable, easy-to-use, and best-reviewed car seat covers out there so you don't have to. 

Keep scrolling for the best winter car seat covers for your baby on the market today.  

1. Kids N Such Car Seat Cover Canopy

Every mom on-the-go knows that the key to a successful outing with her baby involves at least one multi-use product, and this "Kids N Such" car seat canopy is just that. Doubling as both a year-round car seat cover and a convenient nursing cover, this is a must-have item for busy moms everywhere.

Where to buy: $19.99, Amazon

2. JJ Cole Car Seat Cover With Tri Stitch

With an almost five-star rating, it's easy to see why JJ Cole's Tri Stitch Car Seat Cover is such a hit. Made of weather-resistant nylon and soft fleece, this fashionable cover will keep your baby warm even on the coldest days. It's also testament to the ease of the car seat cover, with one mom calling it, "Much easier than using a blanket over [the] car seat to keep baby warm! Super cute and super easy to zip and unzip. Inside is nice, thick, and soft!"

Where to buy: $29.95, Amazon

3. Cozy Cover Infant Car Seat Cover

This machine-washable car seat cover from Cozy Cover features an innovative dual zipper design for easy access to both your baby and your car seat's safety straps. Complete with a soft inner fleece lining and a peek-a-boo opening, you can rest assured your baby will be safe and warm in their car seat with this cover.

Where to buy: $24.99, Amazon

4. Britax B-Warm Insulated Infant Car Seat Cover for Winter

Another option in a long line of parent-approved car seat covers is this plush, all-weather, insulated cover from Britax. Great even in the coldest temperatures, this cover offers flip-up sides and a zippered snap closure so that no matter the temperature outside, you can make sure your baby is comfy and cozy at all times. Moms love it because it means you don't have to disturb your baby when moving from car to home. One buyer elaborated on this, saying, "The flaps, snaps, and zipper made it so easy to go from freezing temps outside to heated places indoors without having to awaken the baby."

Where to buy: $32.33, Amazon

5. Multi-Use Winter Car Seat Cover

If you're looking for a car seat cover that can do it all, then this four-in-one cover might just be the one to tick every box on your list. This warm, knitted cotton car seat cover can also be used as a nursing cover, shopping cart cover, and high chair cover, making it an exceptionally practical choice (as well as an amazing gift for any new mother in your life!)

Where to buy: $18.45, Amazon

6. JJ Cole Urban Bundle Me Winter Infant Car Seat Cover

JJ Cole is known for its luxurious baby items, and this winter car seat cover is no exception. Quilted and lined with a Thermaplush lining, the multi-use Urban Bundle Me is a stylish and warm way to make sure your bundle of joy stays warm this winter whether that be in a car seat, stroller, or jogger! Best of all, it's incredibly easy to use, with one buyer explaining, "I was intimidated by this cover at first, unsure that I would be able to put it on. Once it's on (and it was easy), it's great! No more extra blankets. It's so easy to zip up once baby is in the car seat, and definitely keeps him snug and warm. It's great for the winter season."

Where to buy: $49.95, Amazon

7. Jolly Jumper Arctic Sneak-A-Peek Infant Car Seat Cover

An exceptionally cozy option, the Jolly Jumper Arctic Sneak-A-Peek cover is one of the best covers around. Made from a water-resistant polyblend, this cover not only comes lined with plush fleece, it also comes with an attached blanket shaped to swaddle the baby. Moms are obsessed with this cover, saying, "I love this product! This winter was extremely cold with temperatures in the negatives and I did not worry one second about my baby being cold. The built in blanket is so cozy and a great feature."

Where to buy: $49.99, Amazon

8. Brica SmartCover Infant Car Seat Cover With Canopy

When you're traveling with your little one, you want to make sure they're comfy no matter the weather and, with this Brica SmartCover car seat cover, it just became a whole lot easier. Featuring a dual layer design that has a breathable mesh layer and an insulating layer, this cover can be customized for your baby's warmth at any time. With all that it offers, some parents are even calling it the best one out there, with one mother saying, "Out of all the seat covers on the market, this one is hands down the best (and with five kids, I've had plenty of experience with just about every other one made!)" Complete with a wide zipper opening and an adjustable canopy for extra protection, your baby will be living the life of luxury with this car seat cover.

Where to buy: $24.50, Amazon

9. Skip Hop Stroll & Go Car Seat Cover

This ultra-plush, universal fit car seat cover from Skip Hop Stroll & Go is adored by parents thanks to its soft flip collar with convenient snaps. Featuring a roll-away front flap for easy access to your baby and your car seat's straps, this car seat cover ensures your baby is safely buckled in and comfy.  

Where to buy: $41.67, Amazon

10. 7AM Enfant Car Seat Cocoon for Warmth in Winter

Your little one will be snug as a bug in a rug thanks to this car seat cocoon from 7 AM Enfant. With a micro-fleece lining and convenient central and side zippers, this machine-washable cover is the perfect alternative to heavy winter bunting, making it heaven sent for both you and your baby. On mother explained why she loves this cover, saying, "I live in Ohio and last winter was brutal, single digits and negative wind chills. I had to bring my baby to a sitter every day and it was a pretty long outside walk from the car to her door — I never had to worry about baby being cold!"

Where to buy: $64, Amazon

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