20 Best Vacuum Cleaners for Pet Hair

Pets are great, and we can’t imagine life without them, but if you don’t have the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair, living with pets that shed all over the place can be tiresome. Apart from getting on your clothes and seemingly everywhere in your home, pet hair can cause or aggravate allergies in children and adults alike. To enjoy life to the fullest with your furry friends, one of the best things you can get yourself is a vacuum cleaner that sucks up pet hair easily. We’ve got 20 of the best for you to choose from. 

What is the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair?

Sixty-eight percent of all households in the US own pets, so vacuum cleaner companies have had to step up their vacuuming game. Thankfully, there are great models out there specifically designed to tackle pet hair. The best pet hair-tackling vacuum cleaner for you, however, depends on your specific needs. There are handheld ones (great for sofas and other furnishings, not just floors), back-friendly stand-up vacuums (no more bending over), and even extremely handy cordless ones you can carry around the house with you (including up the stairs) without having to stop for a socket change. You can choose ones that are best for carpet or hardwood floors, or both, and if you really don’t feel like lifting a finger, you can get a robot vacuum cleaner!

Carpet vs. Hardwood: Is there a difference when vacuuming pet hair?

The difference between a vacuum cleaner that works best on carpet and one that’s best for hardwood floors all comes down to the built-in brush bar. A carpeted floor can provide friction and make it hard to push the vacuum around unless the brush bar is on and digging into the carpet to really get the dirt out. Using the brush bar on hardwood floors can scatter dirt around and provide less suction, so you want to make sure that the brush bar is off when vacuuming your hardwood floors. The on/off brush bar provides more versatility, but if the vacuum cleaner you are interested in doesn’t have this feature, you need to get a vacuum that is specifically made for the kind of flooring you have in order to get the cleanest result.

See the top-rated vacuum cleaners for pet hair below!

When selecting a vacuum cleaner, keep your lifestyle in mind. From a Dyson model with a handy handheld vac to a bagless Bissell that's a carpet and hardwood floor-cleaning powerhouse, there are many options to choose from. (But if you're looking for the best pool vacuum cleaners or wet/dry vacs under $100, we've also got you covered!)

Do you need a cordless vac? Are your pets allowed on your hardwood floors or carpeting? How heavy of a vacuum are you (actually) willing to lug up the stairs? Do you frequently need to deep clean your carpet? There's a vacuum cleaner for everyone. Scroll through the gallery to choose the best vacuum cleaner to eliminate pet hair in your house!