Indulge With the 10 Best Subscription Boxes for Couples

Whether you enjoy sipping morning tea with your special someone or you like to use fresh ingredients to whip up dishes while your other half is by your side, we have the perfect way for you to add a little excitement to the mix. Get one of the best subscription boxes for couples delivered to your door each month and unpack something new you can share together. With Christmas and the holidays fast approaching, this works as a perfect gift for your wife, girlfriend, husband, or boyfriend. As monthly subscription boxes gain in popularity, it gets harder to narrow down the choices. Don’t worry. We have picked some of our favorites that are sure to surprise and inspire you and your mate.

Choosing the Right Subscription Boxes for Couples

Budget is important when selecting a subscription box. Prices are based on the type and size of products. For example, beauty boxes can cost about $10 per month, but oftentimes the products are sample sizes. Sample sizes are great because they give you a chance to try something without spending a lot of money. However, if you fall in love with a product, you will want more of it. Before committing to a box, it is a good idea to research the price ranges for full-size products. It will help you determine whether to go with a less expensive box and buy full-size products later or to go with a box that costs more but offers full-size products or includes more items in their boxes.

When making a choice overall, think about how the box may save you money. If drinking coffee every weekend at a local cafe is your favorite thing to do with your partner, calculate how much you spend there. Then, consider the price of a monthly coffee subscription box and compare the costs. You may realize that sitting at home unpacking your box of brews might be more cost-effective and enjoyable than hitting the coffee shop.

Most importantly, select a box that interests you and your partner. If you love working out together, then a fitness box makes sense. If you are foodies and savor gourmet grub and fine wine, then subscribe to one that can offer you a taste of something neither of you have ever experienced. Also, be sure to find out how the box you are interested in gifts items. Some surprise you with the contents of their boxes. Others allow you to choose the items that you will receive. If you want to control the contents of your box, decide which choice you should make.

Best Subscription Boxes for Couples

Need more inspiration? We've also found the best subscription boxes for moms and best subscriptions for dads. Whether you carefully select each item or decide to be surprised, waiting for your box to arrive is exciting. To help make your choice, check out our picks for 10 of the best monthly subscription boxes for couples below.