13 Monthly Subscription Boxes Your Child Will Love as Much as You Do

Every mom out there knows that children love getting mail — so why not give them something to look forward to with a monthly subscription box for kids? But with hundreds of boxes available thanks to the subscription box boom, what's available and what should you be keeping an eye out for? Let's break down the best monthly subscription boxes for kids.

What is in a subscription box for kids?

Between the countless commercials touting the advantages of at-home trials with beauty subscription boxes to (what feels like) the hundreds of podcast ads praising the advent of food subscription boxes for easy at-home cooking, it's safe to say that subscription boxes are having a moment. But when it comes to subscription boxes for kids, do you know what's out there? With an array of boxes for every age and preference, the problem won't be finding one your child will enjoy, it'll be choosing which ones to get in the mail.

From classic children's literature subscriptions and STEM-focused boxes, to ones that allow your kid to throw on their best deerstalker cap and play Sherlock Holmes, here are 13 subscription boxes for kids your child will love as much as you do!