9 Best Silk Pillowcases to Prevent Wrinkles While You Sleep

There's something you might be missing from your anti-aging arsenal that you won't find in the skin-care aisle at the drugstore: the best silk pillowcases for wrinkles. Bedding for anti-aging? It seems a little bit out there, but switching the fabric you sleep on can make a big difference with your skin. Yes, it's that simple!

Why use a silk pillowcase?

Silk's composition works in a way that other materials can't, and it prevents crinkles and friction from creating or emphasizing fine lines, wrinkles, and blemishes. Not only does your skin benefit, your hair gets a little extra TLC, too. Silk pillowcases allow you to stop relying only on products for knots, matted tangles, and frizzy hair. While a comfy mattress will keep your body aligned, a silk pillowcase will keep wrinkles at bay — you'll be all prepared to combat signs of aging in your sleep and minimize bedhead in the morning. You already use natural skin-care products and retinol cream moisturizer to keep your skin in tip-top shape. Why not add a silk pillowcase to bring anti-aging benefits overnight?

So, what is the best silk pillowcase?

The quality of silk is measured in something called momme, or mm. A higher momme number indicates a heavier weight, which usually costs more. With heavier silk, you can get more uses out if it. A heavier silk pillowcase will still retain its original shape and condition, even with washing. So choosing a pillowcase with a higher momme means it will last longer.

When it comes to picking a pillowcase based on what you want to prevent, there aren't many rules. As long as it's real silk and not satin or a faux silk material, your hair and skin will receive the benefits. One recommendation: Be mindful if you have a sensitive skin type. In this case, choosing a white or non-dyed option may prevent any irritation caused by the chemicals or ingredients used to dye pillowcases.

Once you find the best silk pillowcases, add on the best mattress toppers, pillows for stomach sleepers, and sleep masks, and you'll be snoozing stress-free. See our top picks below for the best silk pillowcases for wrinkles!