11 Best Lumbar Support Office Chairs for a Comfortable Workspace

Sitting at a desk all day isn't the most comfortable activity, so kicking back in one of the best lumbar support office chairs will make your work environment much more pleasant. You may find that after a long day, or even a few hours, of typing on the computer and filing paperwork, your lower back is tense and aching. Tylenol and heat packs may offer instant relief, but nipping the source of pain in the bud will ensure you feel better for good. One study found that a lumbar support can reduce the pressure of sitting, which can lead to less lower back pain, but when it comes to relieving pain and tension, good posture is the first step.

According to the American Chiropractic Association, "Poor posture can lead to excessive strain on our postural muscles and may even cause them to relax, when held in certain positions for long periods of time." On top of this, poor posture can weaken, strain, and injure your muscles, but learning how to properly align your body is an easy fix. 

How to Have Good Posture 

Good posture varies between the type of activity or movement that you're doing, such as sleeping, standing, sitting, or walking. When it comes to sitting, there are a few items to check off for best posture practices. The diagram below covers everything you need to know about good sitting posture, from your chin to your toes.

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When you're seated at your desk, keep your chin up and shoulders back, so your eyes are level with your computer screen. Uncross your legs, keep your knees at or below hip level, and try to keep a small gap between your knees and your chair. Both of your feet should be on the floor or on a foot rest underneath your desk. (For those with limited mobility, consider a lift recliner chair.)

Best Lumbar Support Office Chairs

Ready to feel better today? These comfy, cushioned chairs will ensure perfect posture and keep lower back pain at bay. Keep scrolling to take a peek at our favorite lumbar support office chairs and lumbar support cushions that'll have you ready to sit down and succeed each morning.

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