26 Best Computer Glasses for Women to Protect Your Eyes From Screen Glare

In the digital age, hardly a day goes by without spending a few hours in front of a computer screen, so getting a pair of the best computer glasses for women is an absolute must. Even if you haven’t reached the point of squinting at the screen or rubbing your watery eyes, it’s good to take precautions and protect your vision from the inevitable screen glare of computer monitors, tablets, and smartphones. This harmful light is called high energy blue light, and it can be very damaging to your eyes and general psyche.

Why wear computer glasses that block blue light from the computer?

Sources of blue light include the sun, electronic devices, LED lighting, fluorescent lighting, and the main offender: digital screens. Blue light from digital devices can penetrate the cornea (even through regular eyeglasses), directly entering the macular area of the eye, which can injure the retina, cause eye strain and sore eyes, give eyes a gritty feeling, and even adversely affect sleep. Other symptoms include shoulder pain, headache, fatigue, general eye irritation or pain, blurred or double vision, light sensitivity, watery or dry eyes, and trouble focusing. Blue light-reducing glasses have been proven to alleviate eye fatigue, so if you spend more than an hour a day on your devices, you definitely need a pair.

We’ve taken the hard work out of searching for an affordable and stylish pair of computer glasses, and have found 26 of the best around — plus, they’re all under $100! Some are even under $10, so you can stay under your budget while keeping your eyes safe (and looking fashionable).

See our picks for the best computer glasses for women below!