Send Your Kids Off Right With the Best College Packing List for Guys and Girls

Whether it's their first year away or they're heading back for another semester, being armed with the best college packing list for guys and girls is the easiest way to make your child's college moving process a breeze. With your baby finally flying the nest, it's natural to want to oversee things to make sure they're prepared, and that's why we want to help! But before we get to our list, let's go over some helpful moving tips. 

What to Bring to College

Packing for college is no easy feat. Pack too much, and your child won't be able to get around their dorm room. Pack too little, and they may find themselves unprepared in sticky situations. So, how do you decide what to bring to college and what to leave at home? Here are five tips on what to bring to college and what to leave at home:

1. Take the living situation into account. Are they living in a dorm or an apartment? If they're living in a dorm, they'll want to be more selective with what they bring due to the limited room they'll have. However, if they're living in an apartment, they can be a little more adventurous with the items they bring. 

2. Check what's provided and prohibited. Every dorm has different rules when it comes to what your child can bring and what they cannot, so before you pick up that hot plate or space heater, be sure it's allowed. Also, some dorms provide things like microwaves and refrigerators, so before you head to campus, make sure your child consults the school's website or gets in touch with their RA. 

3. Coordinate with roommates. In the age of social media, it's not only easy for your child to get to know their roommate before move-in day, it's vital to live together. If your child's roommate is already bringing a mini-fridge, chances are they'd be willing to share some space in it. Dorming is all about co-habitating, so the more communication there is, the easier the living arrangement will be and the more free space they'll have. 

4. Pack in storage bins. Most dorm rooms have beds that can fit two to three large storage bins beneath, so a good way to know how much to pack is to see how much stuff can fit in those bins. However, do be mindful that they can serve as additional storage once unpacked! 

5. Leave the knick-knacks. Your child will only be gone for a semester at a time, so while it might be nice to have pieces that remind them of home, they shouldn't use moving out as a way to recreate their bedroom in another space. Simplicity is key, so help them differentiate between wants, like that stuffed bear so-and-so got them in high school, and needs, like enough underwear to make it to laundry day.  

College Packing List for Guys vs. Girls — Is There a Difference?

When it comes to helping your son or daughter pack for college, you may be wondering, "Is there a different college packing list for guys and girls?" While it may seem like there should be due to different needs (like menstrual products), when it comes to the basics, they're essentially bringing the same things. In fact, the differences lie less in guys vs. girls and more in the individual. Does your son like video games? Then he'll probably want to bring his consoles with him. Is your daughter an aspiring makeup artist? Chances are she won't want to leave home without her must-have products. Taking into account your child's specific needs is the quickest way to make sure your son or daughter is prepared for their new adventure. 

Luckily for you, we already did the hard work. Keep scrolling for an in-depth look at First for Women’s best college packing list for guys and girls. And be sure to save our printable version at the end!  

Bedding Essentials for College 

Dorm Room Essentials for College

Desk Essentials for College

Important Documents

Whether it's their university ID for getting around campus or their financial aid documents to make sure their payments go through, these are 13 important documents your child needs when away at college:

Technology Essentials for College

Bathroom Essentials for College

Personal Essentials for College

Medical Essentials for College

Clothing Essentials for College

Laundry Essentials for College

Food Essentials for College

Cooking Essentials for College

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