Why You Should Stop Doing Face Workouts


It’s easy to see why facial workouts are a tempting option thanks to their promise of ditching the wrinkles and even slimming down your face. But do they actually work? We caught up with Dr. Tara Francis, Dermatologist for FOREO UK, to find out more.

What are face workouts?

Facial workouts are the daily practice of stretching and contracting the muscles of the face, designed to combat aging, to firm and tone the face, to result in a lifted and tightened effect.

Why Try Face Workouts?

People might try facial workouts to help improve the appearance of the face and neck, in an effort to retain a youthful appearance, in a non-surgical way.

Do face workouts actually work?

There is little clinical research and evidence on the efficacy of facial workouts, and more studies are required to give a definite answer.

You may see temporary results if the muscles get bigger with consistent and repetitive exercises (exactly the same concept as working your bicep muscles at the gym), but the results will not last if not kept up.

Could face workouts lead to more sagging?

Repetitive muscle contractions can cause static lines or wrinkles, for example, if you think about crow’s feet around the eyes, this has been caused by the contraction of the muscle when smiling, and over time can become permanent lines on the face even when not smiling. This should be noted, when thinking about doing facial workouts/exercises.

Overworking any muscle can cause a strain, so it’s important to not overdo it if trying out a facial workout program. Massage is also a great tool for defining your jaw line!

What alternatives are there for facial workouts?

To help with wrinkle prevention, things like using a broad spectrum SPF, staying hydrated, and taking good care of your skin (including using some active ingredients) can help in a big way. In addition, a diet to include all nutrients, not smoking, and limiting alcohol consumption can help the skin quality and condition.

Good facials can also help, which include micro-needling, and even better in combination with PRP or growth factors. This is something offered in clinics as it is becoming increasingly popular, alongside injectable treatments such as a toxin, skin booster treatments, or dermal fillers.

Seeking professional consultation is encouraged, to help plan the right treatment specific to your skin, needs, and expected results.

This article originally appeared on our sister site, Yours.

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