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The At-Home Test You Can Take to Find Out if the Solar Eclipse Damaged Your Eyes


Almost everyone and their mother warned us not to look directly at the sun during the recent solar eclipse, so we wouldn’t blame you if you’re a little paranoid about eye damage. Even if you managed to find a pair of solar eclipse glasses, there’s a good chance that you’ve frantically Googled, “How to tell if I have eye damage” after watching the phenomenon. Fortunately, there’s an at-home test you can take that will answer that question.

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The Amsler Grid

If you want to check your eyes for damage, print out a photo of the Amsler Grid. Find a room with normal lighting and hold the piece of paper about 14 to 16 inches away from your face. If you typically wear reading glasses, you should take the test while wearing those glasses. Now, cover one eye with your other hand, focus on the black dot in the center of the grid, and answer these questions:

— Do any of the lines look wavy or distorted?

— Do all the boxes look like same-sized squares?

— Are there any “holes” (missing areas) or dark areas on the grid?

— Can you see all sides and ends of the grid while still focusing on the black dot?

After checking both eyes, if you notice that you saw wavy or distorted lines or dark or missing areas of the grid, you should get your eyes checked. You should also visit an eye doctor if you had trouble seeing all the sides and corners of the grid while staring at the center dot.

Is the eclipse affecting your body in other ways?

If you’ve noticed your period has been a little off this month, or you had a headache after the eclipse, you’re not the only one. While we’re still not sure about the science behind the eclipse actually affecting your flow, the issue of headaches has a pretty simple answer.

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Dr. Steven Couch, an ophthalmologist at Washington University at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, told Fox 2 Now that headaches, eye discomfort, and tired eyes after the eclipse could all be the result of staring at something for too long without blinking. To remedy those issues, all he recommends is eye drops and some rest.

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