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I Never Thought I’d Remove Makeup With Water — Until I Found a Cloth That Changed My Mind

If someone had told me a week ago that I could safely remove my makeup with only water, I never would’ve believed them. Yet here I am this week doing exactly that — and it’s all thanks to using the right type of cloth.

Any woman who regularly wears makeup knows how irritating most makeup remover wipes can be for our skin. We’ve all experienced at least one dreadful wipe that caused serious redness and inflammation on our poor faces. Worse, maybe we’ve even felt the stinging pain of said wipe accidentally getting into our eyes (ouch!). Although there are some great eye makeup removers out there that don’t irritate the skin, they usually cost a fortune. It’s expensive enough to buy quality makeup in the first place — why should we need to pay an arm and a leg to remove it as well? If you’re as sick of that as I was, perhaps The Original MakeUp Eraser ($15.96, Amazon) is just what you need.

Here’s how it works: After buying The MakeUp Eraser, you give it one good run in the washer and dryer. Next, you wet a portion of the soft side of the cloth with warm water. (The company recommends that you use it once it’s “drenched wet.”) Then, it’s time to start “erasing” by gently rubbing your makeup off in circular motions — emphasis on the word gently. And that’s when the magic first happened for me just a couple nights ago.

Slowly but surely, I noticed my eyeliner making its way off my tired eyelids and onto the cloth. By the time I did a nice, clean, thorough sweep of my entire face, it was all gone — even the foundation that I had applied several hours beforehand. Let’s just say that my sleepy eyes weren’t so tired anymore after I took a close look at that result!

After you remove the makeup, all you have to do is flip the cloth over to the exfoliating side and repeat the same circular motions that you did in the previous step. And that’s it — until next time you use it, that is.

One of the best parts about the MakeUp Eraser is how reusable it is: When it gets dirty and stained, all you have to do is throw it in the washer and dryer and it’s good as new once again. But let’s be honest: I know you’re probably raising your eyebrows about the price tag on it. I was, too — all that money for a skimpy little cloth? But think about how much money you spend on makeup removers and washes each month — and consider just how much you could be saving if you didn’t have to do that anymore.

As for me, I know I’m never going back!

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