The Surprising Health Benefit of Being ‘Slightly Overweight’


We’re always on the hunt for anti-aging secrets that improve our looks and the way we feel. But what if you could unlock the key to adding years to your life with just a few small changes? How to live longer may seem elusive–after all, we don’t know how many more years any of us have left on this earth. But there are simple, science-approved ways to extend your good health and lower your risk for serious diseases–and the good news is, they’re kind of, well, fun!

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Of course, you may have heard the old saying that laughter is “the best medicine” around, and it’s true. But what you may not realize is that laughter can send your body near-instant health benefits: namely, you’ll reduce your blood pressure, immediately lower your stress level, and give your immune system some much-needed fortification.

But that’s not the only quick way to boost your health and extend your longevity. We uncovered five other–enjoyable!–ways to live longer. Watch this quick video to get your new “longer life” plan!

After all, most of want to be around to care for our families, see our grandchildren grow up, and, heck, sit side-by-side with our best friend in rocking chairs, reminiscing about our younger, wilder days. Right? With these simple tricks, we can all make sure we are around longer to make those sweet dreams come true.

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