Gorgeous Grandmother of 7 Says Skipping Moisturizer Is the Secret to Her Age-Defying Looks

YouTube beauty vlogger, Melissa55, would be pretty for any age. But when we found out how old she is, we were floored. The Tennessee mom of two and grandmother of seven shown without makeup above is (ready for this?) 60 years old.

No, she hasn’t had any work done, not even Botox or fillers, according to a video she made that Jezebel spotted.

While she probably is genetically blessed, she does rely on a few anti-aging tricks to maintain her youthful appearance.

Tip 1: Never moisturize. The lovely-looking lady believes instead of keeping skin supple, moisturizer makes it “lazy,” sort of like the myth that wearing eyeglasses hurts your vision because you become too reliant on the spectacles for help.

Tip 2: Apply products with Retin-A and Retinol. The key ingredients in some acne treatments work wonders for keeping wrinkles at bay, says Melissa55. They’re also in many anti-aging serums.

Tip 3: Use acid peels. Of course, talk to your dermatologist before you follow Melissa55’s advice, or that of any other random person on the Internet. But whatever she’s doing seems to be working.

If you don’t only envy her flawless complexion but also her lush mane, check out Melissa55’s hair tutorial video.


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