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Do Eyelashes Grow Back After They Fall Out?


Do eyelashes grow back? You’ve probably asked yourself that after losing several lashes in one sitting. There are many different reasons why eyelashes fall out, but the good news is that they do usually return. However, sometimes it can take a while, depending on how you lost them.

The loss of a few lashes here and there is typically nothing to be concerned about, according to Medical News Today. Much like the hair on the top of your head, eyelashes have a natural growth cycle, and part of this cycle involves lashes falling out naturally and then being replaced by new ones shortly thereafter. Depending on where you are in your growth cycle, this process can take weeks, but chances are that you don’t even notice when this is happening most of the time. Research shows that people generally have about 100 to 150 eyelashes on their upper eyelids and about 50 to 75 lashes on their lower eyelids. So you probably won’t miss one or two that are gone for a while! That said, extensive eyelash loss is pretty hard to ignore.

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO), noticeable eyelash loss can occur due to burns, chemotherapy, autoimmune disease, and other health issues. So how long do eyelashes take to grow back in situations like those? It varies from person to person, but experts have a few helpful estimates. 

In cases of eye-related accidents like burns, AAO says that eyelashes typically grow back in about six weeks, provided that the base of the eyelid and the follicle of the eyelash are both still in good shape. In terms of eyelash loss due to chemo, experts say that hair in general (especially the hair on the scalp) begins to grow back a couple of weeks after the treatment is complete. However, hair on the top of the head grows faster than eyelashes, so it may take longer to see eyelashes catch up in that case. As for autoimmune diseases that involve hair loss, such as alopecia, there is unfortunately no cure, but there are a few treatments that may help relieve symptoms in the meantime.

While at least some eyelash loss is to be expected and basically unavoidable, there are a few ways that you can prevent losing more eyelashes than necessary on a day-to-day basis. According to Healthline, some ways to prevent excessive eyelash loss include removing makeup gently before you go to bed, avoiding products like eyelash curlers (which can tug at your lashes), and using non-waterproof and hypoallergenic mascara if you wear eye makeup.

Let’s do our best to keep our eyes happy and healthy this holiday season!

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