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These Magnetic Lashes Will Fill in a Sparse Lashline Better Than Any Mascara


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From serums and mascaras to castor oils and supplements, there’s no shortage of tricks and tips we’ve tried to lengthen and grow our eyelashes. But the simple truth of the matter is, as we age, our hair tends to get a bit sparser — even when it comes to our lash line. Our eyelash follicles simply slow or stop producing hair, leaving us with flimsy, barely there sets. So what’s a lash-loving gal to do? Invest in the best magnetic lashes money can buy, of course! 

After reading about these wonder products, said to work just like your standard drugstore false lashes ($6.99, CVS) but without the pesky glue, I knew I had to get my hands on a pair. I adore the look and feel of having fuller, fluttery lashes, but at nearly $7 a pop for falsies, I couldn’t exactly afford to replace them every day — that’s almost $50 a week! Essentially, my false lash days were relegated to special occasions only, and even then, only when I had extra time to spare — anything that involves glue near your eyeball requires some serious time, patience, and sometimes, clean-up. 

Research pointed me to a pair from the first magnetic lash company to enter the market: One Two Lash’s luxe magnetic lash set ($69, Sephora). For less than $75, I could get lashes that could be worn countless times and use magnets — not glue — to stay on. 

I was lucky enough to receive a pair for Christmas, and after a day spent fussing with them, they just might be my favorite present ever. 

Here’s how they work: A top lash strip with a magnet near the center is placed above your natural top lashes, while a second lash strip connects via a magnet from underneath your natural top lashes. Ultimately, your natural lashes are sandwiched between the two strips, which fill out your lash line with your choice of dramatic, full, or natural-looking synthetic fibers. 

I won’t make any bones about it: If you have dexterity issues, these may not be for you. They require a steady hand — or at the very least, a steady applicator (there’s one conveniently included in this One Two Lash set) — to position correctly so that they’ll snap together. 

You’ll also want to learn from my mistakes and actually read the included instruction booklet or even watch a tutorial video (see below) before taking a crack at them, so you don’t wind up spending hours attempting to stick one strip to your top lash and the other to your bottom lashes and wondering why you can’t seem to “get” them right. (Yes, I really did that. Newsflash? It doesn’t work so well.) 

If you’re anything like me, the perfect fit may also require a little practice — think of it like putting in contacts for the first time. Once I finally figured out where they went and got the magnets to connect, they were positioned incorrectly, and I felt a little pinch. 

After a few times around the block, however, it got easier and easier to apply them — I can now pop them on in two minutes or less! And, once they’re on correctly, you’ll only feel the weight of the lashes — they don’t hurt your eyes or your lash line. They’re also tailored to fit most eye shapes, so just about anyone can wear them. 

As for the results? They gave me just the right amount of oomph. While glue-on lashes can tend to be a bit much, clueing others into the fact that they’re not exactly natural, these are far more subtle. In fact, while I personally saw a huge difference in my volume and length (hoorah!), my boyfriend couldn’t even tell when I had them on and when I didn’t. They’re that good! 

I was admittedly a bit nervous to take them off — would all of my lashes come out, too, leaving me more or less bald? But I needn’t have worried: It’s actually the easiest part of the whole process. All you have to do is hold them between your fingers as you slide them back and forth in opposite directions, and voila! They detach. 

According to the company’s website, they’re also plenty safe — Princeton Consumer Research conducted an independent study on the effect of continued use of the magnetic lashes in healthy female subjects, and found no adverse reactions. 

Philadelphia-based dermatologist Erum Ilyas, M.D., also said as much to Teen Vogue, noting, “Magnetic eyelashes are safe once you get used to applying them.” 

Still, you probably won’t want to wear them every day: New York-based ophthalmologist  Ilyse Haberman, MD told Cosmopolitan that it’s good to avoid wearing them daily to minimize the risk of “lash damage and traction alopecia.” They’re also not recommended for those with pre-existing eye conditions. 

One Two Lashes


On off days, you can safely store them in the chic black-and-gold carrying case, where they’ll be ready to go for your next use, no cleanup required. 

Reviewers are certainly loving them, with one Sephora shopper writing, “These are nothing short of genius and not sure why these weren’t invented sooner. … With a little practice, they are easy to apply and they look natural and they are made in the USA.” 

Another called them the perfect lash, writing, “This product was a game changer for me. I had breast cancer and my lashes came back super thin. These lashes are so gentle and I wasn’t afraid my only lashes would fall out. I was so relieved there was no glue. What an amazing product for all women and how lucky for me to feel safe knowing they won’t hurt my real lashes.” 

Added another:  “I’m 51 years old with an odd eye shape. All my life, have had a difficulty with false lashes staying put on my small eye … these are amazing… bottom lash first… close eye… add top lash! A couple of tries and they were on and perfect…. I absolutely love them!”

Where to buy: $69, Sephora

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