8 Ideas for the Best Barbie Organizer to Keep Your Kids' Toys Tidy

If your child or grandchild has begun to show an interest in Barbies, one of the first things you need to do is find the best Barbie organizer, before things start to get out of hand. It’s amazing how quickly a kid’s Barbie collection can grow; before you know it, one Barbie has turned into ten, two outfits have turned into twenty, and don’t get us started on the accessories. If you found your way to this article after stepping on a Barbie stiletto, you are not alone. Getting your child to tidy up and put the dolls away after a play session can be tricky, but with these eight handy Barbie organizers, cleaning up after playtime is easy and fun.

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The Best Barbie Doll and Barbie Clothes Storage Ideas

There are many ways you can keep Barbie dolls and all their clothes and accessories nice and tidy. Over-the-door hanging shoe organizers with pockets are a favorite as dolls fit in the shoe pockets perfectly. There are also some fun hanging toy storage units, which provide easy access for when your child wants to play again. If you don’t like having everything on display, then you can opt for an under-the-bed storage unit. Whatever your preference, we’ve found eight of the best ways to organize your child’s Barbie collection. (Once your Barbie collection is organized, check out the best nursery closet organizers and multi-device charging station organizers!)

See our picks below for the best Barbie organizer storage ideas!