These Surprising Foods Can Help Boost Your Sex Life

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If you're looking to spice up your sex life, the answer might actually not be in your bedroom, but, rather, in the kitchen cupboard.

That's right. Many of the common foods we eat have libido-boosting properties. According to Australian nutritionist Lee Holmes, these types of foods support sexual energy in the mesolimbic dopamine pathway, which is responsible for libido. Consuming sufficient amounts can help reignite the fire between you and your significant other, she suggests to LifestyleFood.com.au.

Here are the foods that make Holmes' list of aphrodisiacs:


Fish has many health benefits--including supporting heart health and fighting off infections--so it comes as no surprise that the food can make positively impact your sex life, too! Fish, especially those of the oily variety like salmon, contain Omega-3 fatty acids, which improve dopamine levels and blood flow to your brain and other parts of your body. Dopamine in turn makes you feel relaxed and more connected to your partner, both of which are needed for a steamy night in.


Maca, a plant-based superfood often found in health stores, has long been used to stimulate fertility, arousal, and to ease hot flushes. Holmes also asserts that Maca has the potential to help healthy menopausal women with sexual dysfunction and men with erectile dysfunction.

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Pine Nuts

If you love pesto pasta, then this next food on the list is just for you! Holmes suggests that pine nuts are rich in zinc, a mineral key in maintaining sexual potency (for men, it is vital for sperm production). In fact, these nuts provide about 58 percent of your daily requirement of zinc in one serving--so they pack quite a punch! Try putting the raw version in your salad, or use the basil spread on just about anything for a romantic dinner for two.

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Foods high in vitamins B and C

Lee also advises opting for foods rich in vitamins B, B1, and B3, which raise your propensity for sexual pleasure by directing the blood flow to your skin and organs. Your go-tos: Tuna, chicken, and brown rice contain high levels of B3, while black beans and oats are full of B1.

Vitamin C is another mineral to adopt in your diet, as it boosts sexual desire and mood.

"Parents wonder why their teenagers find it difficult to concentrate when lunchtimes are spent snacking on oranges!" Lee said.

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Foods containing magnesium and selenium

Like zinc, magnesium and selenium are often over-looked minerals, even though they help boost sperm production in men. So, next time you're making dinner for you and your husband, try yellowfin tuna or halibut--both of these foods are teeming with magnesium and selenium.

Who knew the key to spicing up your sex life could be as simple as switching up your diet?

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