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Why Do Cats Like Sinks So Much?

It may be their version of a porcelain throne.


If you’ve ever walked into your bathroom and spotted your kitty curled up in the sink, you’re definitely not alone. Many cats develop a habit of resting beneath the faucet, cozy and content as can be. Sometimes, they’re so relaxed that they even fall asleep! Obviously, this doesn’t look the least bit comfortable to most of us humans. So we’re left to wonder: What’s up with all these cats in sinks?

The Main Reason Cats Like To Sit in Sinks

According to the pet food company Candidae, cats enjoy the cold, hard basin of a sink because it helps them cool off. If it’s warm outside or if you have the heater on inside, your pet may see your sink as a nice respite from the heat. It’s true, porcelain and ceramic are pretty cool to the touch. On top of that, many bathroom sinks have a rounded shape, which tend to mold perfectly to a cat’s bendy body. Basically, it’s a great way for your cat to chill out — completely.

Other Reasons Your Cat Loves Your Sink

In addition to the cool basin, another part of the sink that may attract your cat is the faucet. After all, many experts say cats love drinking out of a faucet because they have trouble seeing still water. Have you ever noticed your cat batting its paw into a glass of water laying around? That’s it checking to see if anything is in there, since they can’t see the flat surface. The running water is easier also for them to hear, and they may also think it’s less likely to be contaminated than still water. Maybe your kitty is secretly hoping you’ll turn that faucet back on soon — but not too much.

Yet another possible reason why cats love sinks may be the fantastic view it gives them. According to Catster, most sinks offer cats the ability to peek over the top and survey everything that’s going on around them, while they can stay relatively hidden from passersby. That is, until you need to wash your hands, of course!

Some experts even suspect that cats have a hunch for when we need to use the sink — and decide to hop in at that very moment. But try not to be annoyed with your cat if he or she does this, your kitty is probably just trying to get your attention and sneak in some more pets on the head or snuggles. Aww!

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