This Genius Phone Sanitizer Case Will Rid Your Device of Germs


For most of us, smartphones have become an integral part of our everyday lives. Helping us do everything from staying connected on-the-go to assisting in the kitchen with easy access to recipes, they’re with us at all times. Many of us don’t think twice about how and where we use our phones — but we should. According to a 2012 study out of the University of Arizona, your cell phone can carry 10 times more bacteria than a toilet seat — ick! Luckily, there’s a way to protect yourself against all those germs with the best phone sanitizer on the market: PhoneSoap’s UV smartphone sanitizer ($79.95, Amazon).

Designed to kill 99.99 percent of the germs and bacteria found on your cell phone, this handy tool is something everyone can benefit from. It houses two UV-C bulbs, which were scientifically proven to zap bacteria in a 2013 study published in Science Direct, allowing this product to sanitize your entire phone with ease: Simply place your device inside the cleansing case, plug your phone into the universal charging port, and let it get to work!

Built to accommodate all smartphones, including larger models, this sanitizer is available in 10 fashionable colors, making it a great accessory for any desk or nightstand set-up. 

And that’s not all! While the PhoneSoap was created with your smartphone in mind, it can actually clean just about anything you can fit inside, from pacifiers and smartwatches to headphones and keys. In short? It’s a germaphobe’s dream. 

“PhoneSoap is awesome because, as a slight germophobe, I can actually put my phone against my face (and touch my phone in general) without cringing,” wrote one Amazon purchaser. “My favorite part about it is PhoneSoap has scientific evidence that it works and actually kills all the bacteria on your phone. This gadget is a killer idea and definitely worth the price.”

Another buyer loves the PhoneSoap so much, they’re making it a stocking stuffer for the holidays this year. “I just received my PhoneSoap unit and I already love it! It only took a few minutes to sanitize my phone and it’s as simple as plugging the unit in, and closing the lid, and the quality is great! I ‘washed’ my keys and cash too — other germ-ridden things we touch all the time! I’m purchasing PhoneSoap products for my kids this Christmas.”

Thanks to its easy to use, straightforward design, it’s not hard to see why the PhoneSoap smartphone sanitizer has become such a hit — as of press time, it had more than 700 glowing five-star reviews. 

It’s also a great little pick to have in your arsenal ahead of cold and flu season. Between this and our new air-pollutant-blocking scarf, we have a feeling it’s about to be our healthiest winter yet! 

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Where to buy: $79.95, Amazon

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