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10 Things Only Working Moms Understand

Being a mom is hard enough, but being a working mom? That’s just a whole other level of crazy. While every parent can relate to feeling of being tugged in every direction possible, working moms have a certain je ne sais quoi, don’t they? Here are 10 experiences all working moms will find relatable, from choosing a nanny to dealing with unwanted daycare phone calls.

Tasting that very first sip of coffee in the morning

You know that mili-second of a moment when the house is quiet and the kids haven’t scrambled into the bathroom to scream at one another? That, ladies, is what I’d imagine heaven is like.


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Falling asleep during morning meetings

I mean, come on. Did any of you have a screaming baby in your lap until 4 a.m., no? Didn’t think so.


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Packing a less-than-perfect lunch

Getting to the grocery store just wasn’t happening, but this popcorn and bag of peanuts should be okay, right?


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Having to hear “What’s that on your shirt?” every single day

Mind your business, Sharon. Actually, why don’t you have some type of kid-related gunk on your shirt? What kind of mom are you?

None of your business

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Searching for a daycare or nanny that will actually take care of your children

If selected for this position, would you be willing to undergo a background check and drug test? I’ll also need you to balance a stack of books on your head while you juggle five crystal figurines as my children sing “Ring Around the Rosie” and run around you in circles.

No thanks

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Getting unwanted phone calls from daycare

My child did what? No, that’s impossible. We didn’t raise her to say things like that; it sounds like you called the wrong mother. I know you’re busy, and I am too, so how about we forget all of this and go on with the rest of our day?

Wait, I have to come pick her up now? Okay, well (thinks up quick lie) traffic is terrible and it will take me at least an hour (continues to rush on project that was due yesterday).

eye roll

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Feeling guilty about ~everything~

Work is important. It puts food on the table (after I cook it, that is). But, I can’t help but feel guilty. Buying a new teddy bear should make up for it, right? Maybe ice cream on the weekend? Staying up a little late? Extra TV time?


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Lying about baking that apple pie for the fundraiser

I don’t care if Rebecca’s mom ‘made hers from scratch.’ Plus, no one will even know the difference once I give it that authentic broken-crust look with this rolling pin.

bake sale

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(Occasionally) feeling like a complete boss

No one could do the things that I do. I am the epitome of perfection.


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Returning home to sticky fingers and warm hugs

This is honestly the best part of my day.

Mom hug

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