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What Else Can Car Wax Be Used For? 13 Ways the Garage Staple Can Save You Time and Money

Discover how the polish saves the day!

Car wax is a must for keeping your vehicle’s paint job looking pristine. But if you’re wondering what else car wax can be used for, you’ll be happy to know that this slick substance is great for cutting down on cleaning time, restoring a number of household items, keeping hungry squirrels away and more. Below you’ll find 13 uses for car wax to save you time, money and hassle!

What else can car wax be used for?

1. Car wax can be used to fix a scratched DVD

You snagged some great DVD’s for a steal at a yard sale, but when you get them home, you notice some minor scratches. To ensure there’s no skipping of the movie when you try and play the discs, try this: Buff a dime-size amount of car wax onto the scratched area using short strokes. Then rinse with water and let dry. The wax will fill in the small scratches so your discs can play without a hitch.

2. Car wax can be used to squirrel-proof a bird feeder

Uses for car wax: Squirrel-proof a bird feeder

You love looking out your window and spying colorful birds enjoying a snack at your feeder. The only problem? Hungry squirrels often eat up all of the seed before the birds get to it! To keep them away, grease the pole with car wax. The pets won’t be able to grip onto the slippery surface and climb their way up the pole, so the only one who gets to eat the seeds are the feathered visitors.

3. Car wax can be used to nix sticky grime on a range hood

When your range hood gets covered in a layer of grease, it can be hard to remove it! Rather than waste time trying to scrub it off, try this: Wash the hood with soap and water as usual, then use a clean cloth to coat the surface with a layer of car wax. The wax prevents grease from clinging to the hood’s surface — no matter how messy things get in the kitchen.

4. Car wax can be used to change rusty outdoor light bulbs

If patio or other outdoor bulbs rust, it can make them almost impossible to remove when they burn out and need to be replaced. To prevent a hassle down the road, rub 1 tsp. of car wax over the bulbs’ metal threads before screwing them into place. The wax keeps water from seeping in and causing rust, so the bulbs will twist out with ease later.

5. Car wax can be used to make dog tags last

Uses for car wax: Make dog tags last

The last set of ID tags you bought for your pup ended up covered in rust within just a few months, which left them unreadable. To protect his new tags and keep them in great condition for years, use a soft cloth to apply a thin coat of car wax to the metal and let dry before reattaching to his collar. Then simply reapply the wax every few months or so as needed. The wax will block out any moisture that could otherwise cause the metal to rust.

6. Car wax can be used to quiet a noisy dresser drawer

Lately a couple of your dresser drawers let out a loud screeching sound whenever you try to open them. What can help: Rub a bit of car wax on the tracks of the dresser. The slick wax lubricates the drawer so it can glide easily (and quietly) every time.

7. Car wax can be used to prevent a mirror from getting foggy

On busy weekday mornings, who has the time to wait for the bathroom mirror to defog after a shower? To fog-proof it and speed your morning routine, simply clean the mirror as usual, then coat the glass with a thin layer of car wax. Next, use a lint-free cloth to wipe off the wax. It will leave behind a transparent film that pre- vents the buildup of condensation for up to 30 days.

See how well this works in the video below:


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8. Car wax can be used to prolong the life of patio furniture

Uses for car wax: Prolong the life of patio furniture

An easy way to keep your patio furniture looking like new throughout the season: car wax! Simply apply a light coat to clean plastic or metal chairs and tables. The slick substance prevents pollen, dirt and tree sap from sticking to the furniture so you can easily wipe them down. Bonus: The wax will protect against sun damage and repel water to outsmart rust. (Need to clean outdoor cushions? Click through to find out how!)

9. Car wax can be used to cut down on toilet scrubbing

To go twice as long between toilet-bowl cleanings, grab some car wax! “There’s Collinite 845, a liquid carnauba wax that works magic on the inside of toilets,” shares Gretchen Seidel, automotive expert at Seidel & Co. “You drain the water and buff it into the bowl. It makes cleaning so much easier and lasts a few months at a time.”

To do: Turn off the water supply at the back of the toilet, then flush until the bowl is empty. When the bowl is dry, apply a thin layer of car wax inside and let sit for 10 minutes before turning the water back on. The wax will ensure stains slide right off rather than settling into the porcelain.

10. Car wax can be used to make scratched sunglasses look like new

Oops! You accidentally dropped your sunglasses on the sidewalk and now there’s a minor scratch on one of the lenses. Rather than shelling out for a new pair, reach for some car wax. Use a soft cloth to rub a bit of car wax on the damaged lens, then wipe clean. The clear wax will help fill in the scratches so you can keep on rocking your shades.

11. Car wax can be used to restore a dry erase board

Uses for car wax: Restore a dry erase board

The message center/memo board in your entryway is a must, as it lets your family keep track of schedules, leave reminder notes, and more. The problem? Lately you’re having trouble writing on the dry-erase surface and it’s leaving your messages barely readable. The solution: Use a soft dry cloth to buff a thin layer of car wax on the board. Let dry, then wipe away any excess. The wax helps recondition the board and fills in tiny imperfections on the surface so you can write and erase without a struggle once again.

12. Car wax can be used to keep yard tools ready to garden

You love puttering around in your garden, but it can be frustrating when your shears and other tools don’t work as well as they should. The trick to keeping them in great shape: Use a soft cloth to buff wax onto hinges and blades. The wax lubricates the metal and creates a slick coating that repels sap, dirt and other sticky yard debris.

13. Car wax can be used to prevent smudges on stainless steel

Uses for car wax: Prevent fingerprints on stainless steel appliances

Stainless steel beautifies any space, but it’s also a magnet for fingerprints. The fix? Car wax, says Justin Carpenter of Modern Maids. “Make sure it’s labeled nonabrasive, non-silicone and non petroleum-based, then use a microfiber cloth to apply a fingerful, and buff it onto the appliance in circular motions.” The wax creates a seal that prevents grime from sticking to the surface. (Have scratches on your stainless steel? Try these tricks to hide them).

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