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The Internet Has Some Smart Dogs! See TikTok’s Most Intelligent Pups and Their Impressive Skills

These dogs go beyond the typical ‘Sit, stay, come’ training

Dogs constantly show us how smart they are through their trained tricks, sensitive nature and – of course – just how much they can get away with thanks to their puppy dog eyes. However, some pups go beyond the typical “sit, stay, come” abilities, many of them going viral on TikTok as a result! From showing off their math skills – yes, math – to coming close to speaking to their humans, keep scrolling to meet the internet’s smartest dogs.

TikTok’s smartest dogs: Luna the Mini Cockapoo

Luna and her human, Jared, have racked up almost 98 million views on TikTok as of publication thanks to the pup’s impressive smarts. In one viral video, Jared asked Luna a series of math questions, giving her time to think about the answer.

“What’s 3 times 2?” Jared questioned his dog, before she tapped his shoulder six times, the correct answer. Proving that it wasn’t just a fluke, Jared asked Luna yet another math problem. “What is 10 divided by 5?” he said, allowing her a pause to do the division. She proceeded to tap on Jared’s shoulder twice, yet again the right answer. The video in question has racked up 1.3 million likes, with people sounding off in the comments about Luna’s intelligence.


Her thinking face is just priceless… 😳 #dogsofttiktok #dogs #puppylove #smartdog #lunatheminicockapoo

♬ original sound – LunaTheMiniCockapoo

“My dog can’t even catch a treat,” one user commented, before another chimed in, “Luna is smarter than me!” More fellow dog parents compared their own pooch’s skills to Luna’s, with one writing, “My dog is 4 and can’t even jump on the couch,” before another added, “This dog can do math and I can’t even get mine to lay down at training?”

TikTok’s smartest dogs: Sapphie the Pomsky

Yet another internet-smart dog is Sapphie the Pomsky, who shows off her smarts thanks to a series of buttons she steps on with her paws. Her videos have racked up an impressive 230 million views on TikTok, with one of the most viewed being her “Truth or Dare” video with her mom.

“Truth or dare?” Sapphie’s human asked in the video, with the pomsky choosing honesty. “Have you ever pooped in the house?” the sweet pup is asked, clearly hesitating before picking a button to use to answer the question. “I won’t be mad!” her owner said, before Sapphie answered, “No,” with her button.

“You are such a liar!” Sapphie’s human responded, before telling the pooch that she’d be rewarded with a treat for telling the truth. Her human asked again, this time Sapphie answered honestly. “Yes,” she responded thanks to her button, with her owner promising a treat later for telling the truth.


The hesitation she had to answer the question 😂😂😂 video inspired by: @Skaya #doglover #dogs #smartdog #pets #truthordare

♬ original sound – Sapphie the Pomsky

TikTok’s smartest dogs: I am Bunny

One of the most popular dogs on TikTok, thanks to their impressive skills, is Bunny, who regularly uses a programmed voice pad to communicate. A popular video showing Bunny’s intelligence shows the pup asking if she is a “human animal,” to which her mom corrects her using the touchpad. “You dog animal,” Bunny’s human clarifies, trying to clear up to her pooch that she is – in fact – not a human (though many dogs believe they are). The conversation between pet and owner was fascinating to watch, and has racked up 1.6 million likes.


We added a couple of new words and Bunny started exploring them right away. I love how curious she is. #talkingdog #smartdog #dogtok #foryou

♬ original sound – I am Bunny

Yet another viral video of Bunny shows her asking to go on a walk with dad, using the communication pad to let her humans know her wishes. After their stroll, Bunny used the pad to say, “Dad went walk,” indicating that she was aware of their activity. Like other videos, the clip was full of comments praising Bunny’s clear intelligence.

“The fact that you get to sit and have conversations with your dog and about how their day went!” one commenter exclaimed about the exchange, while another added, “This is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m speechless. The intelligence…”


We added a couple of new words and Bunny started exploring them right away. I love how curious she is. #talkingdog #smartdog #dogtok #foryou

♬ original sound – I am Bunny

Clearly, there are some smart pooches who are taking the internet by storm!

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