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How to Store a Mattress: Easy Steps to Keep it Usable and What Not to Do

Whether you’re moving, switching to a more spacious bed or updating your kids’ rooms when they head to college, if you want to hold on to your mattress, learning how to store it is key. You can put it in storage rather than getting rid of it, but that can be costly, and you also don’t want to risk damage by leaving the mattress in a random space. To ensure proper storage, First compiled our best tips and tricks. Keep reading for easy steps on how to store a mattress and the things you want to avoid doing.

How to store a mattress: 4 easy steps

You want to store a mattress properly in order for it to stay clean as well as maintain its structure. Thinking about where you’ll store it also comes into play and you’ll need to accommodate for either a storage unit, basement or garage, spare bedroom or other option entirely.

1. Clean and air out the mattress

Vacuuming a mattress
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It’s important to thoroughly clean your mattress before storing it away. This will help to prevent any mold, mildew or potential bacterial growth.

Strip all the bedding, and spot clean any dirty areas or lingering odors with gentle detergent. Next, use baking soda to deodorize and remove stains from the mattress, per Purple, a furniture and mattress company. Vacuum up any remaining baking soda and let the mattress air out completely before packing it up.

2. Cover the mattress

When storing a mattress, you always want to cover it after cleaning it. This protects it from those unwanted growths and bacteria and the weather if you’re transporting it out of your home. Plastic wrap, moving blankets or mattress storage bags are all viable options.

You can also vacuum seal it in a plastic bag which is what @iworkfastandbad, a moving company based in Florida, did in a TikTok video. He simply takes a bag large enough to fit the mattress and proceeds to suck all the air out with a vacuum. It’s fast and efficient and helps keeps the mattress in good condition. See how he did it below:


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♬ suara asli – Julia(๑• . •๑)

3. Move the mattress in a covered truck

If you’re moving the mattress yourself, placing it in a covered truck is your best option. Keep in mind that the placement in the truck also matters especially if you are moving other furniture as well. “You’ll want to keep the mattress on its side to create more space in the moving truck,” notes the team at LifeStorage. “This method is preferred versus piling lots of heavy furniture on top of the mattress.”

Since your mattress is covered you may be able to get away with keeping it in an open truck bed. However, for maximum protection, it’s recommended to use both the covered truck in addition to the covered mattress.

4. Store your mattress flat

No matter where you decide to keep it, always lay your mattress flat. Storing it on its side is okay for a short time, but for longevity purposes, keeping it level and flat is ideal. Ultimately, this prevents sagging and bulging.

The team at Purple also suggest flipping it every now and then because it “can help prevent sagging and extend the mattress’s life while it’s in storage.”

How not to store a mattress

  • Don’t pile heavy items or furniture on top of your mattress. This can cause sagging and ruin the support level in the mattress.
  • Don’t lay it on an uneven surface. Storing your mattress on a bumpy surface can cause lumps and other mishaps.
  • Don’t keep your mattress in areas with high humidity. According to the team at LifeStorage, a climate-controlled location is best as it will prevent mold and mildew

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