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Still Have Your Kids’ Old School Supplies? You Can Sell Them for Cash

If you kept your kids’ old school supplies, you may have hit the jackpot without even realizing it. Depending on their condition, appearance, and age, some old school supplies can be resold for pretty serious cash.

Don’t mind us while we rummage through our attics and basements trying to see if we have any of these objects of school days’ past collecting dust. When you find out what you can get in return for some of these old school supplies, we’re sure you’ll be digging too!

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Graphing calculators

Admit it: Every parent secretly resents shelling out all the extra cash to buy a product that a child is going to use for a very limited period of time (provided they don’t enter a mathematics-focused career, of course). But these same parents can easily get much more than their money’s worth by selling these beauties. We’re guessing, for instance, that you probably didn’t spend $670 on your kid’s graphing calculator. Well, that’s how much a Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus is selling for on eBay right now. Not to mention the TI-Nspire CAS with Touchpad selling for $613. And don’t even get us started on the batches of multiple calculators in one pack that can sell for up to $3,080.


Let us guess, you didn’t have all that much use for that cartoon character backpack anymore after your child grew up, right? Or maybe your kid is too stubborn about not using a practical grown-up backpack now that you bought them one with your hard-earned money. Apps such as OfferUp are great for reselling items like backpacks. Facebook Marketplace is also a great option, especially since so many parents of young kids are on the social media site right now.

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Sports equipment

It’s a tale as old as time: Child picks up sport, falls in love with it, begs for lessons, joins a team, proclaims they will be a superstar someday… and then drops it like a hot potato just a year or two later. The good news is, you can sell these (very!) gently used items on sites like PlayItAgainSports, which buys and sells them.

Miscellaneous bundles of supplies

Let us say you just have a wide assortment of sharpened pencils, blank notebooks, and untouched masking tape that never got put to use. Buying too much and possibly wasting a bit of money for the sake of being over-prepared — haven’t we all been there? But now, you have to chance to get some dough back in your pocket by signing up for a reselling app like Letgo.

Happy reselling!

h/t WiseBread

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