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Instagram Showcasing the Worst Interior Designs Will Make You Thankful You Don’t Have Stairs Made of Hair

As a nation, we are obsessed with all things property renovation, with new home improvement shows gracing our television screens year after year. We’re used to seeing perfectly-styled homes, so it can come as somewhat of a shock when we spot ugly interiors.

Instagram account @Pleasehatethesethings was started by interior designer Dina Holland, and has since amassed over 79,000 followers by documenting “absurd, ill conceived, & just plain stupid things in home design.”

From the “Satan fireplace,” to the shower that sprays directly into the toilet, these design crimes will need much more than an Instagram filter to stop our eyes from burning. Take a look for yourself, but be warned — once you start scrolling you won’t be able to stop.

1. Hairway to Hell

This is what happens when you take the story of Rapunzel as design inspiration. We’re not sure what’s worse: that a company manufactured this atrocity, or that someone actually installed it in their house.

2. The Satan Fireplace

We’re not sure how this cozy fireplace with “character” fits into this living room’s whole coastal-meets-Hamptons vibe, but be careful not to knock a tooth out when you go to put another log on.

3. New Age Bidet

This bathroom goes to show why it’s important to seek expert advice when remodeling a small bathroom. A shower over a bath is one thing, but a shower over a toilet? No, thanks!

4. Space-Saving Bathroom

Going with the classic “cupboard under the stairs” obviously wasn’t good enough for this house, but each to her own. We’re just wondering whether there’s an exhaust fan installed above the shower?

5. Quilted Cabinets

This padded kitchen cabinetry sure must come in handy when you’ve got your hands full and go to shut the drawer with your hip. Rhinestones are just an added bonus, really.

6. Designer Feature Wall

We know that some luxury fashion houses have dropped homewares, but somehow this feature wall just doesn’t ring true.

7. Succulents on the Brain

We have to imagine that there are more creative and far less creepy ways of displaying your collection of succulents.

8. Hobbit House

This room takes the large indoor plant trend to a whole new level, but the air quality in there must be superb!

9. Barn Door Fail

Hey there, barn doors! How’s it hanging? While they’re not quite full-length, at least the doors will never scratch the hardwood floors. But the pure genius of these barn doors lies in the cabin hook keeping the doors closed. That’ll definitely stop intruders from entering.

This post originally appeared on our sister site, Homes to Love.

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