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How to Put on a Duvet Cover the Easy Way: Swiss Roll Trick Makes It Fast + Stress-Free

Plus the keys to avoid common duvet issues!

Duvets are a great bedding option thanks to their warmth, plumpness and changeable look. Unlike a traditional comforter, they come in two parts: a duvet cover (the cozy shell) and the blanket that comes inside. And when it comes to cleaning, unlike a traditional comforter or blanket, there’s no need to throw a bulky piece into the washer, just the thin cover. Taking the cover off is a breeze — and the ability to change it as needed or desired is a plus — but putting it back on can be a task akin to wrestling an alligator. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to make the process a whole lot easier! Below you’ll discover how to put on a duvet cover using one of four different methods, plus the solutions to the most common duvet problems.

How to put on a duvet cover: 4 easy techniques

woman putting on a duvet cover

“One of the most common issues when putting on a duvet cover is that the top corners of the insert and cover tend to shift easily,” says Carlie Gasia, Certified Sleep Science Coach for Sleepopolis. “As the duvet cover is pulled over the insert, nothing secures the top corners in place, leading to sliding. This movement often occurs because most people’s arm spans aren’t long enough to hold the top corners steady while sliding the duvet cover down, contributing to the shifting and misalignment of the bedding.”

To make the process far less frustrating, try one of these helpful approaches:

1. The rolling trick

One method to change a duvet involves creating what some have nicknamed a “Duvet Swiss Roll.” Start off by laying the duvet cover flat on the bed and position the duvet on top, making sure the corners are aligned. “Roll the duvet and cover into a loose tube towards the foot of the bed while leaving a few inches loose,” shares Gasia. This allows for a better grip on the corners.

Next, open the end of the duvet cover and insert the rolled tube inside while turning the cover inside out. Then simply unroll the duvet. “This method minimizes the struggle of trying to fit the duvet inside the cover and streamlines the process of changing the duvet cover with relative ease,” explains Gasia.

See how it’s done in this video:

2. The “inside out” method

Another way to get your cover on easily? Turn it inside out, put your hands all the way in to the end of the cover so your arms are all the way inside, then place one hand in each corner so they are covered like mittens. Use your hands to grab the end corners of the blanket. Holding those corners, shake until the blanket has disappeared into the cover. TikTok user @maddykate01 breaks it down in the video below.


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♬ Come Around – M.I.A.

3. The binder clip hack

Instead of wrestling your comforter into its pretty duvet cover, enlist the help of binder clips. “Tuck the comforter into the duvet and secure each corner with a clip,” says Bailey Carson, home care expert for Angi. Shake out the whole thing — the comforter will fill in evenly — and remove the clips. If the insert bunches up at night, consider securing the corners with safety pins. “They’re discreet, so you can leave them in.”

Though you can also buy duvet clips for this reason, binder clips are the perfect low-cost solution! Plus, you’re likely to already have them around the house.

4. The partner method

“Another helpful tip for putting on a duvet cover is to work with someone else,” says Gasia. “One person can handle the left corner of the duvet while lining it up with the left corner of the cover, and the other person can do the same with the right corners. Once they’re aligned, both people can hold the duvet and cover in place and give them a little shake to help the duvet settle evenly inside.” The teamwork makes the process a breeze, so you can get in done in half the time.

Solutions for the most common duvet problems

A wrinkled duvet cover

To prevent bunching

It can be quite frustrating when you’re trying to cozy up at night and your duvet keeps bunching up inside the cover, leaving certain spots feeling less warm than others. The simple way to prevent this: “Make sure that you insert it correctly with the length and width aligned properly to the cover’s dimensions,” advises Gasia. “Misalignment could lead to continuous slipping and shifting.” Also smart? Some duvets some with little tabs in the corners that correspond with loops on the blanket so you can tie them through and keep them in place.

“These corner tabs, found on some duvets and duvet covers, offer a handy solution to prevent lumping,” shares Gasia. “This method ensures a smooth, evenly distributed duvet that stays in place throughout the night, preventing bunching and providing a tidy appearance.”

No loops or tabs? Opt for the safety pin trick mentioned above.

To eliminate wrinkles

You absolutely love how your new duvet cover looks — until it ends up all wrinkled. To eliminate the crease without taking the duvet cover off and having to put it back on, simply spritz the material with a bit of water and follow up with a quick ironing (on hot) in sweeping motions.

You can actually iron directly on the bed in most cases, as long as you don’t have a memory foam or latex mattress.

Follow the advice in the video below for best results:

Wondering how to sidestep wrinkles in the first place? “Promptly removing the cover from the washer can prevent deeper-set wrinkles that occur from the large fabric sitting bunched up in your dryer,” says Gasia. “Hanging the duvet cover on a washing line allows natural crease removal through the movement and tension created by the breeze.”

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