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5 Items to Never Leave in Your Car When It’s Freezing

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The frigid days of winter make for some pretty miserable mornings, especially if you have to dig your car out from underneath a mountain of snow. But setting aside what’s on your car in the morning, how about what’s inside? We aren’t just talking about how a simple potato can save you from a foggy window obscuring your view as you drive on the slick roads, either.

As it turns out, colder temperatures mean there are a few items that should never stay inside a vehicle overnight. If they do, you may risk losing them altogether. And considering the fact that there’s a deep freeze and polar vortex sweeping the country as we speak, it never hurts to brush up on tips for keeping all your most important possessions safe in the cold. Read on for a list of important items to never leave in your car or trunk while it’s freezing outside — even if it means making a last-minute run back to the car to bring them inside!

  1. Your laptop. Laptops can get cold quickly, and frozen temps are a major no-no for these devices. You could easily weaken your battery and ruin an LCD screen. In the worst-case scenario, you could even lose all your data, according to Lifewire. Talk about a risk that’s not worth taking.
  2. Your cell phone. The same is true for your phone, so always remember to bring it inside. Smartphones are typically intended to function properly in 32 to 95 degree temps, so keep yours close, rather than forgetting it in the car.
  3. A soda. When temps hit 32 degrees or lower, soda will start to freeze — and a frozen liquid can then exceed its container’s capacity, resulting in an explosion that you’re much better off avoiding, according to CBS News. Trust us, you don’t want to learn this lesson the hard way.
  4. A gas tank that’s less than half full. This one’s a pain, but during the winter months, it’s better to fill up frequently, according to Bemac Collision Group. Near-empty tanks can freeze, which can lead to ice in the fuel lines and other dangerous issues.
  5. Medications. According to the New York Times, freezing temperatures can cause pills and even liquid medications to lose their potency, so make sure you keep all of your important prescriptions inside to prevent them from icing up in the car.

Looking for even more tips for your car as the temperatures start to drop? Check out 11 bizarre (but effective) car tricks that will make winter driving so much better in the slideshow below.

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