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The Best 5 Plants for Hanging Planters If You’re Running Out of Space

And they look pretty too!

Houseplants are an easy way to brighten up your space and even purify the air. But what happens when you run out of room for all those pots or trays? Instead of getting rid of your beloved greenery, give hanging plants a try. These are great for filling hard-to-reach areas and can create the illusion of a taller space. Wondering which plants are best to hang? Luckily, First turned to the plant pros for their top picks. Keep reading for the best hanging plant recommendations and the easy ways to care for them.

Best plants for hanging planters

“Trailing and cascading plants are ideal for hanging planters, as their growth habit allows them to spill beautifully over the side,” says Sally Allsop Founder of All That Grows. Generally, these plants are low-maintenance and thrive in bright, indirect sunlight.

They need well-draining soil but when it comes to watering, however, Allsop recommends regular attention as “the elevated position of a hanging planter can cause the soil to dry out more quickly.” Here, the best ones:

Best plants for hanging planters: English Ivy

English Ivy does wonderful in hanging planters because it has long trailing vines that prefer to attach themselves to something,” says Alex Kantor, owner of Perfect Plants Nursery. It’s typically dark green with leaves that are shaped like spades.

This will thrive in indirect bright light, however, Kantor notes it’s a very adaptable plant. Water it when the top inch of soil dries out and for more humidity, spray it every once in a while with water. “It is also very popular to place this plant in a bathroom so it can receive humidity from your showers and baths,” he adds.

Best plants for hanging planters: Fuschias

White and red fuschia plant

Fuschias are not only pretty to look at — thanks to the bright color — but also are ideal for hanging planters. “Choose a variety that will bloom from spring into summer and you’ll have a bright addition to your planter,” says Allsop.

They have trailing tendencies so they do well in a basket. These work for indoor or outdoor spaces and Allsop adds that if you “keep your display in a frost-free place over winter, they will grow back again the following year.”

Best plants for hanging planters: Variegated Spider Plant

The Variegated Spider Plant is known for its green and white striped leaves. It also produces little white flowers known as “spiderettes.” “These leaves and stems eventually grow long enough to flow over the edge of your pot to create a beautiful spilling effect,” says Kantor.

When caring for this plant, it should be watered when the soil is dry and kept in indirect sunlight. Kantor notes that this one doesn’t need intense pruning and you can keep the flowers on it for a more pleasing look.

Best plants for hanging planters: Philodendron Brasil

Philodendron brasil hanging plant

“This plant is a great plant to grow in hanging planters because it grows brilliant cascading vines that can be left to hang long or can be strewn over curtain rods or other things to be directed throughout your home,” says Kantor. It has heart-shaped leaves that range from green to yellow and its unique colors and shape make it perfect for any room in your home. You could also hang it on the porch.

Tip: Don’t put this one in an area where the light is super bright as Kantor says this “will lessen its variegation and can scorch its leaves.” He also suggests using a planter with drainage holes to ensure the plant does not stay too moist.

Best plants for hanging planters: Strawberries

If you’re looking for an alternative to regular plants or flowers, Allsop says strawberries are great for hanging planters. “The flowers on a strawberry plant will make for a gorgeous addition to your display, plus you’ll be able to enjoy the fruits when they ripen.”

Planting them this way also lets you avoid slugs, worms or other creepy crawlies on the ground. However, Allsop suggests putting a net over the basket if you plant them outside to keep birds from eating them.

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