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Women Share Their Stories About Accidentally Discovering Partner’s Proposal Plans

What would you do if you accidentally discovered your partner‘s proposal plan? As the all-knowing and all-seeing goddesses we women are, it’s pretty hard to surprise us, especially when it comes to something big like a wedding proposal.

Imagine this: You’ve sat down at the computer and discovered an email to your parents and all your friends has been left open. Your name catches your eye so you keep reading, curiosity overriding any sense of guilt, and before you know it, BOOM, surprise over. Realistically, it’s more likely to be even less subtle than that: a receipt left in the pocket or a ring accidentally left on the bathroom counter. But what do you do now? To tell or not to tell, that is the question, and these three women shared their stories on reddit and have very different answers.

“I ruined the first proposal; I wouldn’t ruin the second.”

I was using my partner’s laptop and he had a conversation open where he was asking for props for the proposal. After putting two and two together, I knew exactly what he was planning. This was actually idea number two; I had already stumbled on his first proposal idea and told him. He was so disappointed! I decided to play along and act surprised.

He’s not good at hiding things, but he still managed to surprise me on the big day. Things tend not to go exactly as planned, and little things can have a big impact, even if you think you know the general idea, place, etc. There’s always a chance that telling your partner might make them flustered and lead to a more lackluster second attempt.

While I wouldn’t change the proposal I got, the first idea was definitely better, and I regret that I told him I knew instead of going along. He lost a little of his mojo.

“It’s just a white lie.”

I was doing laundry and found a list of jewelry stores in my partner’s pocket. There was no other reason for him to be shopping for expensive jewelry so I had a pretty good idea that a proposal was on the way. I chose to go along with it and not tell him I knew it was coming. I didn’t know exactly when it would happen but had an idea since we had a big outing with friends coming up.

I think this is one of those little white likes that makes everyone happier. I’m a terrible actor, so it was painfully evident that I knew it was coming when my partner proposed. Some other things went wrong — Murphy’s Law and all — but the proposal was still amazing and unforgettable.

We talked about it afterwards and he demanded (playfully) that I tell him who had ruined the surprise. I just had to laugh and say, you, silly! If you can keep a straight face and let your partner believe it’s a total surprise, more power to you. But I think even if it comes out, it’s just another cute story you have to tell the grandkids.

“Tell the truth!”

I knew my fiancé was going to propose because we went ring shopping together, but he made a huge effort to make sure that I was still taken by surprise the moment he proposed — it was important to him to give that to me — and it was so worth it. If you decide not to tell your partner, imagine how they will feel in 20 years when it finally comes out that you knew — that is something that could affect the way he holds those memories.

This all depends on how important the surprise element is for each of you, but do keep in mind that this is not just a “fake it for the weekend” type of secret.

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This article was written by Holly Royce. For more, check out our sister site, Now to Love.

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