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21 Mom Reasons to Have a Glass of Wine

Let’s face it: Parenting is hard. Whether you’re negotiating with a toddler on a regular basis or lecturing your teen, the days are long, tiring, and relatively thankless.

A glass of wine at the end of the day can bring you the teeniest bit of joy and serenity, but you still somehow feel guilty, don’t you? Shouldn’t I be doing laundry or something? How many calories is this? I shouldn’t spend money on wine.

In honor of National Wine Day, it’s time to quiet that guilty inner voice. Instead of finding an excuse to not enjoy your glass of wine, here are 21 reasons you should. Cheers!

1. You got through a full dinner without anyone checking their phones.

This is a small miracle. Sure you might have thrown out a threat or two, but it’s still a major accomplishment.

2. You made it to the grocery store before you ran out of milk.

Feel free to change out “milk” for toilet paper, bread, or frozen pizza. Those all count, too.

3. Your toddler didn’t throw a tantrum.

You were at the store, and when you refused to buy your toddler the item he or she wanted, there was — miraculously — no meltdown. You may blame yourself for using a “prize” at the store as a bribe in the first place, but now you’re finally making some progress to break the habit. Woot, woot!

4. Your teenager didn’t seem to totally hate the world today.

Teens are tough to understand. You have no idea why today he or she seemed almost pleasant, but it doesn’t matter. You’ll take it!

5. You had a crazy day at work and got almost nothing done.

All of the sudden, you look up at it’s 4 p.m.. Where did the day go?! Stressing about it won’t help; why not unwind with a glass of your favorite red or white?

6. You had an amazing day at work and were super-productive.

These are far and few between, so you have to celebrate them when they come along. You kicked butt today, and you know it — so cheers to you!

7. Your child had a good day at school.

The book report went off without a hitch, or he or she made the soccer team? As moms, we love to celebrate with our kids’ special moments. Sure, there’s ice cream for them, but a glass of wine for mom works out great, too.

8. Your kids are kinda sorta getting along.

This is a heavenly, blissful moment, and it should be commemorated. Now, if only they would let you have some peace when you’re trying to go to the bathroom.

9. Your mom BFF needs to vent.

You’re there for her. She’s there for you. And if you have to have a glass of wine and listen to her latest woes, well, twist your arm — that’s a sacrifice you’re willing to make.

10. Because a bubble bath goes better with wine.

What’s that knocking on the door? Don’t give in! Unless it sounds like an emergency, just tell them you’ll be out soon, and then turn your music up another notch.

11. You didn’t have to cook dinner.

You don’t have to plan it, think about it, or clean anything up. Now, this is worth opening up a new bottle of pinot.

12. You did have to cook dinner.

So you did have to cook dinner — but having a glass of wine while you’re making and baking makes it more enjoyable.

13. You finally found that shoe that’s been missing for weeks.

When you find a missing item, this is always a reason to celebrate. Reunited and it feels so good!

14. All the socks found a match when you did the laundry.

This never happens. You’re in shock, but you have no one to tell who would actually care. It’s OK; have a glass of wine instead.

15. Someone gave you unsolicited mom advice.

Oof. Friendly, helpful advice is always welcome — but when it’s a bit pushy and even a bit judgmental in tone, it can be challenging to say the least. Just breathe — and think about the rosé you’ll be sipping later.

16. You had three different activities to get kids to today.

Your schedule is often jam-packed and nearly impossible, but somehow you made it work. Sit back, relax, and soak up your magic mom skills for the day.

17. No one has thrown up this month.

Yes, this is definitely worth acknowledging.

18. You got a deal on your favorite yoga pants.

Hooray for yoga pants! With all that money you saved, you can splurge on your favorite (slightly more expensive) bottle of wine.

19. The weather finally got nice, and your kids are playing outside.

Sunshine makes all of us happier. The kids can run off some steam, and you can watch (with wine glass in hand) from your patio chair.

20. Because you didn’t get enough sleep last night.

Naturally, this means you should help yourself to a glass of wine. Just one glass will help you sleep better tonight.

21. Because you don’t really need a reason.

This is the best one of all: You’re a mom. You work hard and put others first most of the time. If you want a glass of wine, then you go for it.

This post was written by Stacy Tornio, the author of The Kids’ Outdoor Adventure Book and the mom of two adventurous kids. Together, they like planning vacations centered around the national parks.

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