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Canada Lynx Sound Like Human Kids Arguing in Hilarious Viral Video

There’s nothing quite like watching two temper tantrums unfold at once — especially when neither one is your responsibility. And seeing two Canada lynx bicker it out is no exception.

A new viral video, captured by a couple of lucky folks in Canada, shows two lynx “arguing” with each other on the road. “We started off down this road and there were two lynx on the road and as we approached, they didn’t move which was really odd,” said witness Edward Trist in an interview with Global News. “We got out and started filming it. What we caught on camera is very, very rare to catch.”

As you may be aware, Canada lynx are medium-sized cats that boast long ear tufts and short, bobbed tails with black tips. But don’t mistake them for larger versions of your fluffy domestic felines; Canada lynx are also known for being hunters. Some of them are quite aggressive — even with fellow lynx friends. However, these specific Canada lynx in the video don’t seem interested in picking a physical fight with one another. Instead, their battle sounds pretty darn reminiscent of two human kids fighting over a favorite toy or the last chocolate chip cookie from the jar.

Watch the hilarious footage of the wailing and groaning below and see for yourself.

Too funny, right? As it turns out, there may actually be a scientific explanation for what’s going on here. Despite the immature noises, the dispute may be a little more mature than we originally thought: It could have something to do with mating season, according to Luke Hunter, chief conservation officer for the global wild cat conservation organization Panthera.

“Canada lynx, due to their harsh winters, are highly seasonal breeders, and this is right at the end of their usual breeding period,” Hunter said in an interview with Live Science.

That said, it’s tough to tell the gender of the Canada lynx in question. Funnily enough, we might not ever know how the argument ended; Trist said he watched the disagreement for 10 minutes before driving off again.

Whatever the reason is for the fight, let’s hope for the sake of other lynx that they’re not still arguing!

h/t Science Alert

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