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How to Use Vodka for Cleaning So Your Home Sparkles Again

If you’re interested in using more DIY cleaners around the house, you might be surprised to know that a leftover bottle of cheap booze can seriously come in handy. According to NBC News, inexpensive vodka can make a great alternative for vinegar when it comes to pesky household chores like wiping down countertops. For anyone who loves the idea of vinegar as a cleaning powerhouse but hates the strong smell of that ingredient, this is probably music to your ears.

It gets even better: Using vodka for cleaning typically requires very few additional ingredients. According to the Chicago Tribune, one cleaning expert uses a 50-50 mix of vodka and water with a few drops of essential oil for a shower spray. That’s just four things you need for this vodka cleaning mixture — vodka, water, essential oil, and the spray bottle — and then, you can expect to have a much more inviting shower to step into the next time you need to wash up. As a bonus, this blend also doubles as a useful DIY air freshener whenever the bathroom gets a bit… stinky.

When it comes to using vodka and water together as an all-purpose cleaner for surfaces like windows and kitchen countertops, experts vary in their specific techniques for the mixtures. Some suggest mixing three parts water and one part vodka, while others stick with a one-part vodka and one-part water blend. There’s not really one “right” or “wrong” way to go about it, but one thing to keep in mind is that the more water you use, the longer it’ll take for the surface to dry. Remember, when testing out any new DIY cleaner on a surface, always try a small “test” patch on it first to be sure there is no negative reaction before moving forward.

If you’re feeling bold enough to spray straight vodka on any household surfaces, it’s probably a good idea to save it for one that’s extra grimy, such as a bathroom surface with soap scum or mildew. On the other hand, if you’re going for more of deodorizing effect — say, on sweaty bedroom linens or smelly shoes — it’s definitely a good idea to make several drops of essential oils part of your mixture.

Psst: If you still have vodka in the bottle left over after you’re done cleaning, you can always use it for our yummy Cinnamon Apple-tini drink recipe. Cheers to that!

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