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Why You Should Take POSTbiotics Instead of Probiotics to Slim Your Waist Fast

This story was sponsored by SANESolution.

As we’re learning more and more about taking care of ourselves, we’ve come to realize that good health starts with our gut. The gut microbiome is composed of many different types of fungi and enzymes that influence our health. Probiotic bacteria are one of the essential ingredients to a healthy gut, but there’s another nutrient you’re probably overlooking that could be even more important — POSTbiotics. More specifically, a newly patented POSTbiotic called TRIbutyrate.

If you haven’t heard of POSTbiotics yet, they are surely about to appear on your radar. Emerging science tells us that POSTbiotics may be even more influential to gut health than probiotics and prebiotics. Recently, SANESolution has teamed up with experts to create a POSTbiotic supplement that contains the short-chain fatty acid butyrate (also called butyric acid). Harvard Medical School researchers  suggest that butyrate is the optimal postbiotic, and research shows that not only can it improve gut health, but it could also “protect against diet-induced obesity.”   

Before we talk about why this may be, let’s recap: Probiotics are simply the beneficial bacteria that are found in your gut. They influence our immune, digestive, nervous systems, and more. In order for the probiotic bacteria in your gut to thrive you need prebiotics. Prebiotics act as the food that allows probiotics to grow. Essentially, probiotics eat prebiotics, and then POSTbiotics are the end product.

Having a good balance of pre and probiotics leads to the production of POSTtbiotics — which are the “waste” product of the two, including things like organic acids, short-chain fatty acids, enzymes, proteins, and metabolites. 

So, why is a waste product so important? According to many health experts, it’s likely that POST biotics are actually producing the health benefits that we often attribute to probiotics, like improvements in immune and digestive health. While taking probiotics is useful, those probiotics have to ferment in the gut and produce POSTbiotic materials in order to have health benefits. POSTbiotics like butyrate cut out the middleman.

Taking POSTbiotics instead of prebiotics as well, which are meant to ferment the probiotics you take, allows for you to directly access those gut-healing benefits in one supplement. POSTbiotics have shown in studies to soothe inflammation, help heal a leaky gut, and even improve the way the body uses insulin — all things which could lead to significant weight loss!

POSTbiotics You Can Trust

Luckily, getting more POSTbiotics is simpler than ever. You can take the study-backed nutrient in supplements like SANESolutionsViscera-3™, which is endorsed by medical experts as one of the best supplements for gut health. Up until recently, butyrate has been hard to get because it’s known as an “unstable” molecule. But the new Viscera-3™ TRIbutyrate POSTbiotic supplement from SANESolution uses a more effective and patented form of butyrate called TRIbutyrate, which is made up of three butyrate molecules. They are more effective because they are attached to a glycerin support molecule, which improves transport and absorption by the body! 

SANESolution promises that the POSTbiotics in Viscera-3™ can give you a healthy gut and a slimmer waist without having to eat extra fiber and take probiotic supplements. These new time-released triple-action postbiotics will turn on your “slim gut switch,” helping you shed inches around the midsection by beating the bloat and supporting lasting weight loss! If you’ve struggled with potty troubles, these supplements could help you experience consistent daily poops and increase your overall energy, by eliminating the extra “sludge” in your belly. It’s one of the fastest and most effective ways to improve gut-health, which can improve overall health as well!

As always, get your doctors OK before trying any new supplement.


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Here’s to a happier gut and a slimmer waist!

This story was sponsored by SANESolution.

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