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This Natural Remedy Cures Chronic Pain and Migraines

How am I going to get through the day? Cindy Diskin asked herself as she opened her eyes. “The sun was coming up, and I was mustering the energy to lift my head from my pillow, but I felt my chronic pain start to rise too. And just like that, I knew that I was facing yet another day of draining discomfort.”

Barely getting by.

“Two years ago, I fell off my bike and hit my head. Right after the accident, I figured I’d be back to normal in 10 days. In reality, I couldn’t get out of bed for six weeks due to headaches. For seven months, I lived with chronic pain and migraines — and the debilitating fatigue they brought. Even subtle things would trigger a flare-up. Walking over cracks on the sidewalk made my head hurt!

“I’ve always prided myself on being active. I exercised and did tai chi. But suddenly there was no denying that I was wasting 70 percent of every day just trying to cope with the physical and mental exhaustion of chronic pain. I had no energy to do anything. I used to love dancing, but it had been ages since I hit the dance floor. I also played guitar and piano in a band. But the sound of the music only hurt my head.

“From day one, doctors wanted to put me on serious medications, but I didn’t want to be dependent on pain pills, so I refused. I feared the medication would just mask what was going on and cause further damage.

Still, weaker over-the-counter pills didn’t make much of a dent with my symptoms. Most days, I’d curl up in front of the fireplace and try to wait out the pain and exhaustion. This is too much for any person to endure.

“Then my fiancé, Keith, aggravated his old back injury. I took him to an acupuncturist who suggested he try medical-grade CBD cream on his skin, assuring it was safe at effectively reducing inflammation that causes pain. ‘I wish it would help with my headaches,’ I chimed in. He replied, ‘It could work for that too.’

“To tell the truth, the whole CBD craze scared me. My life was so clean: I ate right, didn’t smoke, and avoided prescriptions. I’d even successfully treated my Lyme disease naturally. Plus, as someone who was nine years sober, I didn’t want to go within 100 yards of anything that had drugs in it. I asked the acupuncturist a dozen times, ‘Are you sure there isn’t any marijuana or THC in this cream?’ He assured me, ‘There’s nothing in it that’s mind-altering.’ Still, I remained completely closed off to the idea. Leaving the appointment, I figured, Keith can use it. I don’t have to.

A total turnaround.

“It was only after seeing Keith’s results that I got curious. He used the cream for five days and felt a dramatic improvement in the back pain he’d been wrestling with for three decades!

I did some research and learned that the formulation Keith used, Rena’s Organic 1,000 mg. CBD Pain Relief Cream (, had been developed by hypnotherapist and natural-health expert Rena Greenberg, who used CBD to treat her glaucoma. Seeing that it had been tested by a third-party lab for potency, I felt assured it was safe.

“So I reluctantly rubbed a little cream on the sore left side of my head. There was a slight tingling — like mint or eucalyptus — and within 10 minutes, my headache was gone for the first time in months. I was in disbelief, but I still wasn’t ready to give CBD credit. Over the next few days, I repeated the process, applying the cream and feeling the pain dissipate, before I finally accepted that it truly worked. I kept using the cream when my pain flared, and my turnaround was astounding. There were no side effects-only pain relief!

“Within just a week, I felt so in control of my health, I started riding my bike again. And after several weeks, I no longer needed the cream — my chronic pain didn’t return. It felt like a gift to be able to treat my problem naturally. Like a true convert, I started telling everyone I knew who was struggling with pain about this product, saying, ‘It’s a miracle worker!’

“Looking back, it was a fluke that I even tried CBD cream, but it was the biggest factor in feeling human again. Keith and I still use our CBD cream whenever carpal tunnel or rotator cuff pain pops up. Now, with my health back, I’m a mover and a shaker like I was before. We’re even dancing again. CBD totally turned my world around!”

This article originally appeared in our print magazine, First For Women.

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