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‘What’s The Healthiest Coffee Creamer?’ Health Advice for Women Over 40

Warm up to this non-dairy alternative.

Trying to cut down on your morning sugar? One of the best ways is to switch up your morning beverage. However, we don’t blame you if you can’t stomach your morning joe without a little coffee creamer. So, what’s the best option? In this week’s edition of Ask the Experts, Mira Calton, CN, and Jayson Calton, PhD, answer a FIRST reader’s burning questions.

Q: I’m a coffee drinker and trying to make it even better for me, so I’ve stopped adding sugar. But I can’t drink it black! What’s the healthiest coffee creamer to use?  

A: Coffee is one of the top sources of antioxidants in the Western diet, and it has a number of health benefits for people who drink it regularly, thanks to its high concentration of plant-based compounds called polyphenols, which protect against the compounds that contribute to disease and aging. But you’re right — those benefits are diluted when you add sugar, flavored syrups, or cream. 

We suggest trying oat milk. It lacks the saturated fat found in cow’s milk but will still leave your coffee creamy, plus add a mildly sweet taste. In fact, it’s one of the healthiest non-dairy beverages, owing to its supply of beta-glucans, a type of fiber that keeps you full longer, helps stabilize blood sugar, and lowers cholesterol. It’s also naturally lactose-free and froths well. Choose an oat milk made with non-GMO canola oil, or one with an ingredients list of just oats and water. 

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Nutrition experts Mira Calton, CN, and Jayson Calton, PhD, are leading authorities on nutrition and micronutrient deficiencies. They are also the bestselling authors of Rebuild Your Bones: The 12-Week Osteoporosis Protocol (available at  

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