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4 Simple Moves to Trim and Tone Your Whole Body

These ballet-inspired moves from fitness guru Jessica Smith are guaranteed to melt fat from even your most stubborn trouble spots.

Shoulder Sculptor: Reaching raise.

reaching raise

(Photo Credit: Vanessa Rogers Photography)

Front raises are a superb way to create sexy shoulder definition, and the range of motion in this move means you’ll see results in no time, says Smith, creator of the new program Feel Good Fusion ($15.98, Amazon). The raise targets the front and lateral deltoids and the trapezius to sculpt the shoulders.

To Do: Step forward with your left foot into a wide lunge, keeping your right leg straight and your right foot flat with toes turned out. Hold a 5-pound dumbbell in your right hand with your palm facing down. Lift the weight up over your head with a straight arm, then lower it back down. Do 15 reps, then switch sides.

Tush Lifter: Curtsy lunges.


(Photo Credit: Vanessa Rogers Photography)

This graceful move tones the bottom from all angles to shape an enviable backside, explains Smith. Crossing one leg behind the other calls on both the gluteus medius and gluteus maximus for a curvy lower half.

To Do: Step out to the side with your left foot and step behind it with your right foot. Bend both knees until they form right angles, reaching overhead with your left hand and toward the ground with your right. Repeat to the other side. That’s 1 rep; do 20.

Thigh Trimmer: Grand plié + scoop.


(Photo Credit: Vanessa Rodgers Photography)

A core movement in ballet, grand pliés are one of the best exercises for melting fat from your thighs, says Smith. What’s more, adding an arm scoop engages the pectorals and rhomboids to perk up the chest and nix upper-back bra bulge.

To Do: Stand with your feet wide and toes turned out slightly. Hold 5-pound dumbbells by your sides. Bend your knees to lower straight down, scooping your hands up to meet in front of your chest, then return to start. Do 15 reps.

Belly Flattener: Rear attitude row.


(Photo Credit: Vanessa Rogers Photography)

“This twist on a row turns it into a total body sculptor,” cheers Smith. Indeed, balancing calls on the rectus and transverse abdominis to melt a menopot.

To Do: Stand with your right knee bent and extend your left leg back. Holding 5-pound dumbbells in front of you, hinge forward from your hips. As you pull the weights up, lift your left leg, bending your knee in an “attitude” position (so your leg is at a 145-degree angle), then lower your arms and leg. Do 15 reps on each side.

This story originally appeared in our print magazine.

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