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Dietitians Confirm That Low-Fat Avocados Are Totally Pointless

It’s official: low-fat avocados are just not something we need in our lives. You may or may not have heard the recent rumors that a Spanish company called Isla Bonita had come out with the “Avocado Light”: a brand-new avocado with a third less fat that ripens faster and browns slower. Sounds cool, but according to health professionals, we just don’t need ‘em.

First of all, Isla Bonita clearly hadn’t actually invented the diet avocado — it was very much already a thing (Florida avocados that contain a third of the fat of Hass avocados were dubbed the “SlimCado” a while back). And their website, which presents its visitors with an image of a tape measure placed around a woman’s waist kind of says it all.

For now, the “Avocado Light” is only going to be available in Spain, and we’re totally okay with it. It really does just seem like yet another example of the fact that we need to totally rethink our relationship with food. From “dirty” burgers to clean eating and juice cleanses, somewhere along the line, food became less about flavor and indulgence and more about judgment and purity.


Consultant dietitian Ruth Kander says that the fats in normal avocados are mainly monosaturated fats which lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. Nutritionist, Rhiannon Lambert adds, “A concern is that these so-called ‘diet’ avocados share a negative message by demonizing a natural, whole fruit which is widely encouraged as part of a healthy balanced diet.”

We’re fed up of seeing the term “guilt-free” tagged onto chocolate and ice cream and wraps. We’re totally over spiralizing our food, and we just don’t need the low-fat avocado. We’re perfectly happy with normal ones. The smooth, green-skinned, consistently Instagrammable avocado. And let’s be honest, the low-fat variety was never going to make decent guacamole, so what really was the point?

This post was written by Rhona McDade. For more, check out our sister site The Debrief.

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