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10 Sleep Machines That Will Help You Get a Better Night’s Rest


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Ahh, sleep. It plays a major role in our overall health and well-being —  and yet, most of us don’t get enough of it. According to the Sleep Foundation, adults between the ages of 26 and 64 should be getting between seven and nine hours of sleep per night, while older individuals (aged 65 years and older) should aim for seven to eight. Between insomnia, sleep apnea, suppressed melatonin levels caused by blue light from our digital devices, and anxiety, however, that can be easier said than done without the help of a good sleep sound machine.

The Importance of Sleep

It’s easy to brush off the issue as not being such a big deal, but back in 2019, neuroscientist Matthew Walker argued that not getting enough sleep is “having a catastrophic impact on our health, our wellness, [and] even the safety and education of our children.”

Sticking to a proper sleep schedule, exercising, and choosing the right mattress and pillow can help, but if you’re a light sleeper who wakes up at the slightest movement or noise, there’s an even better solution out there: a sleep sound machine.

What is a sleep sound machine?

A sleep sound machine is most commonly referred to as a “white noise machine,” but these handy little gadgets can actually use all kinds of noise, including white, pink, or brown, to help you fall — and stay — asleep.

They work by emitting a constant hum of non-disruptive sound that will allow you to tune out everything, from noises that may be coming from the street below to your partner’s snoring. While some use a built-in fan, others rely on digitally-recorded sounds with the goal of increasing the amount of time you spend in a deep sleep. Many models even offer a wide array of soothing nature sounds, allowing you to be lulled to sleep by the waves of the ocean, for example.

White vs. Pink vs. Brown Noise

Depending on which sound machine you choose, it may be equipped with white, pink, or brown noise, or offer you the option to choose between all three.

So what’s the difference between these colorful sounds? White noise, for one, is a mix of all the different frequencies we’re able to hear as humans (it sounds a bit like TV static). Pink noise, meanwhile, has a mix of high and low frequencies, which means it’s softer and less harsh to the ear. As for brown noise, it’s similar to pink noise, but is more deep, as it features more bass and a lower frequency.

Ready to find out which one will work best for you? Keep reading for FIRST for Women’s picks for the best sleep sound machines to help you get a great night’s rest.

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