12 Products That’ll Prevent Sweaty Feet and Banish Funky Odors


Sweaty feet are an inevitable inconvenience come summer — but funky foot odors shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the warm weather to its fullest. There are dozens of products for smelly feet on the market that will eliminate foot and shoe odors so you can back to more important things, like the annual family camping trip.

What causes feet to stink?

Everyone sweats — some more than others — but it only starts to smell when the moisture in your socks and shoes becomes trapped. Bacteria on your feet eat your dead skin cells and digests your sweat before releasing a foul-smelling gas, which is the actual culprit. 

Wearing moisture-wicking fabrics that allow sweat to evaporate is an easy step you can take to thwarting foot funk. Another is to opt for breathable shoes, which perform the same function. Additionally, washing your feet with a good antibacterial soap can help you put your best sweat-free foot forward. 

To ensure a stink-free summer, we’ve rounded up the best products for sweaty, smelly feet from antiperspirant wipes to deodorizing shoe sprays.

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