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Yikes! 80 Percent of Kids Can’t Do a Basic Thing We All Learned by 3rd Grade

Kids these days! Remember when our parents use to sigh and shake their heads over some bit of news that put our generation in a bad light? Now we’ve taken over that role, especially when we contemplate millennials and their love of all things tech.

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So here’s a study that may provide some fodder for your next argument that digital devices are playing havoc with our brains. And while it’s true we’re all losing basic skills thanks to our smartphones–quick! when was the last time you had to memorize a new phone number or add something up in your head?–some skills are so ingrained that we can do them in our sleep.

Like, say, telling time by looking at an old-fashioned analog clock. Surprisingly, though, 80 percent of kids these days cannot perform that very basic skill. At least, that’s the conclusion of surveys conducted by the Discount Watch Store. When quizzed on their ability to tell time by looking at the clock’s hands, only 20 percent of students ages 6 to 12 can nail it. This seems to hold true nation-wide.

Zai Zhu, the owner of Discount Watch Store has since partnered with Boys and Girls Clubs in different states to give time-telling workshops. Even better, the kids get free watches for working so hard. As to why grade-schoolers may be falling behind, Zhu speculated that smartphones and other tech devices that keep time digitally are to blame.

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