5 Best Pool Vacuums to Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean All Summer


Keeping a swimming pool clean in the summer can be a real pain, but the best pool vacuums on the market will help. It may feel impossible to maintain a clean pool, especially if you live in an area with lots of debris. While a good filtration system does wonders, a pool vacuum cleaner is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle. They require some labor, but they do the job better than anything else.

What makes a pool vacuum the best?

The best pool vacuum is two things: convenient and efficient. Pools are supposed to be fun! You didn’t get an above-ground pool or look for a home with an in-ground pool so that you could constantly worry about keeping it clean; you bought it because you wanted to stay cool. You wanted to have friends over, entertain the kids, or maybe even get a workout in. If your vacuum is impossible to use, cleaning your swimming pool will remain difficult. The best pool vacuum is easy to pick up, use, and put away. Efficiency goes hand in hand with convenience. You shouldn’t have to fight with a pool vacuum to get it to do what it’s supposed to do. The best pool vacuums are built with you in mind. A pool vacuum that can do its job efficiently is certainly the best.

Automatic vs. Manual: Are the best pool vacuums automatic?

If the best pool vacuum is efficient, then automatic pool vacuums must be the best, right? This is sometimes true, but not always. Some automatic pool vacuums do too little, while others do too much. Because they lack the control of a manual pool vacuum, they aren’t always the best pool vacuums. The best automatic pool vacuum would allow you to control where it goes and when, giving you the same control as a manual pool vacuum.

It’s also important to note that automatic pool vacuums are expensive — often prohibitively so. While most manual pool vacuums will remain just under triple digits in cost, you can expect a completely automatic pool vacuum to cost more than $400. This is because most automatic pool vacuums are built for commercial use and not for home pools. If you are able to absorb the high cost, though, it isn’t a terrible decision.

Best Pool Vacuums

It’s hard to tell what makes a pool vacuum a good investment. If you aren’t sure what you’re looking for, you might miss some important factors. No pool vacuum is perfect, but the best pool vacuum for you is out there. Consider your needs, compare them to this list, and you’ll find the right pool vacuum very quickly. Scroll down to see the best pool vacuums! Then, check out the best wet/dry vacs under $100.

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