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Save or Splurge? These Healthy Foods Aren’t Worth the Extra Money


No one ever said eating healthy was cheap, but it also doesn’t have to break the bank. Have you ever strolled to the organic aisle at your supermarket and rolled your eyes at the prices? Us, too. Keep reading to see which healthy foods are actually worth a few extra dollars and which aren’t.

Save a few bucks!

Organic mac and cheese vs. regular mac and cheese

With the changes that companies like Kraft have made to their “regular” products—like removing artificial coloring, dyes, and flavors—the nutrition level of its mac and cheese is about even with its organic counterpart. If you’re still concerned about getting your vitamins and minerals in your Easy Mac, then spend the money you’ve just saved by buying the regular version on veggies, like broccoli, that you can add to your noodles.

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Organic bananas vs. regular bananas

Bananas are nutritious whether they’re organic or not. Because their thick peels protect them from pesticides, buying organic probably isn’t worth it. The same goes for other fruits with hardy rinds and thick skins like oranges.

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Frozen blueberries vs. regular blueberries

Blueberries are good for your brain, and they’re pretty delicious to boot. Blueberries are frozen right after harvesting, so the big bags of frozen fruit you pick up in the freezer aisle still have the same nutrition content as the unfrozen blueberries in your produce section. If you’re worried about pesticides and you absolutely must have your berries not frozen, then opt for organic.

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Splurge a little bit!

Greek yogurt vs. regular yogurt

First of all, what’s the difference between Greek yogurt and regular yogurt? Greek yogurt is essentially regular yogurt that’s been strained multiple times to remove excess moisture. That’s why Greek yogurt is a lot thicker than regular yogurt. Because Greek yogurt is more concentrated, it’s more nutritious, with about twice the protein that regular yogurt has. The caveat here: Avoid the super sweet Greek yogurts and flavor yours instead with honey or fresh fruit.

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Steel-cut oats vs. rolled oats

Steel-cut oats are better for your digestive system because they have more fiber than rolled oats. Steel-cut oats will also keep you full longer because it takes your body more time to digest them. Just think, the extra money you’re spending on fancy oats will be saved when you find yourself feeling full longer and thus not spending money on snacks.

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Single-serve ice cream vs. a carton of ice cream

When it comes to dieting, portion control is a major reason many of us fall off the wagon. We’d bet we’re not the only ones who have sat down in front of the TV with a pint of ice cream only to realize at the end of the episode that it’s all gone. So even though you’re paying a little more money for less ice cream, single-serve bars are better for your body.

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If you’ve got your diet down pat but you’re really craving something sweet, reward yourself with a frozen yogurt bar. The sky’s the limit when it comes to toppings. Add anything you desire, be it fruit, chocolate, nuts, etc., and you can enjoy a dessert that don’t have all the artificial sweeteners that regular ice cream might.


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