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11 Best MCT Oils for Weight Loss and an All-Round Health Boost


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You may be on the hunt for the best MCT oil after hearing about all of its health-boosting properties, and who could blame you? Whether you want to lose weight, boost your energy, or generally improve your health, an MCT oil can help you achieve your health goals. So, what is this wonder oil you’ve been hearing about? 

What is MCT?

Medium chain triglycerides, or MCTs, are a type of saturated fatty acid with a wide array of health benefits. Recently, there’s been a surge in popularity for one product in particular — MCT oils. Created from a process called fractionation, which extracts the MCTs from coconut oil or palm oil, MCT oil is all the rage at the moment — and for good reason. MCT oil is great for those on the keto diet because it supports ketosis, which is when your body uses fat to create energy instead of glucose. And doing so means that you need to eat more healthy fats to balance out your diet. That’s where an MCT supplement can come in as part of a keto meal plan

What is the best way to use MCT oil?

The best way to take MCT oil is as a daily supplement — but it all depends on the type that you buy. If you get the capsules, simply take your dose every day as you would your other daily vitamins. If you get the powder form, mix it in with your pancake or smoothie mix. The oil, on the other hand, is more flexible meaning you can seriously put it anywhere. From mixing it into your favorite morning drink and drizzling it onto your salad  to making your own MCT-oil infused dips, mayonnaise, or nut butter, MCT oil is extremely versatile. If you’re in a hurry, though, just pour it into a spoon and gulp it down.

When is the best time to take an MCT oil supplement?

It’s widely regarded that the morning is the best time to take MCT oil, but this depends on why you’re taking it. If you want to lose weight, taking it in the morning with your breakfast may help you fight hunger during the day and kickstart your metabolism. In the same vein, if you’re using MCT oils for mental clarity, taking it in the morning will help you throughout your busy day. Because experts advise taking MCT oil before a workout, if you tend to exercise at night, there is no harm in taking it in the evening for an energy boost. 

Best MCT Oils

What is the best MCT oil supplement?

While some may prefer to get their daily dose of MCT from coconut oil, palm oil, or dairy products, for many it’s easier to get an MCT oil supplement to do the job. After all, when you’re trying to source MCT from different foods, it may be hard to calculate how much MCT you’re actually getting. With a daily supplement, you can easily track your progress because you know the exact amount in each dose. So which MCT oil is the best? We’ve done our research, and rounded up 11 of the most highly-rated MCT oils, just for you. Keep scrolling for FIRST’s picks for the best MCT oils that’ll keep you healthy and trim. 

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