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How to Freeze Avocados So You Can Enjoy Them Later

Accidentally bought too many avocados? We’ve got a freezing technique that will ensure none of that precious produce goes to waste. (Psst: If you think you will be able to eat your avos within the next couple days, here are the preferred methods for keeping your favorite fruit fresh until then.)

The best way to freeze an avocado according to Avocados From Mexico, is to mash it first, mix it with lime juice, and put it in a plastic freezer bag. Be sure all the air bubbles are squeezed out before you pop it in the freezer. To defrost, put it in the fridge the day before you’re planning to eat it. This method can also work for frozen guacamole — but only if it doesn’t contain any other fruit or vegetables. Some of the most popular guac additions, like onions and tomatoes, will make the frozen product watery and gross after it thaws. You wouldn’t want to go through all the trouble for that, would you?

California Avocados says another way to freeze their namesake is to first cut the avocado in half, take the pit out, and peel off the skin. Next, brush the halves with lemon juice and wrap them in clingy plastic wrap. Much like the mash freezing method, you want to make sure there’s no room for air whatsoever. Place the wrapped avos into a freezer-safe bag, press the air out, and zip it shut. Into the freezer they go, until you’re ready to eat!

But be warned: freezers have a tendency to alter the flavor and texture of this fruit — which are the two things we love the most about them! If your frozen avo tastes a little bland, you can always make guac out of it. Now is the time to add those tomatoes, onions, and jalapeños to the mix. (A little extra seasoning never hurt, either.) Another popular method of repurposing frozen avocado is pureeing it into a creamy salad dressing. 

Or you could always try making our favorite keto avocado margarita — yum!

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